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Trust No Man 3

Trust No Man 3

3.5 2
by Cash

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After his father is executed, Lil T vows to seek revenge against every individual who played a part in Youngblood's downfall. Anybody whose testimony helped convict Youngblood and sent him to death row is sure to catch hell on Earth. Following in his fathe

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Trust No Man 3 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
Youngblood is dead but the torch of revenge is very much alive in his son Lil’ T, known in the streets as Trouble. And trouble is what Trouble is about. This character-driven story finds Trouble righting wrongs with harsh street justice. Ca$h’s pen is just as ruthless as the main character. “Trust No Man 3” is not for those faint at heart. It’s Trouble’s lawlessness with a sense of honor that keeps readers rooting for him despite his acts. Ca$h knows how to plot a story. Ca$h knows how to take readers to the streets. If you’ve read books one and two, book three is a must read. Reviewed by: Toni
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
okay, i only review books when i feel like the readers must beware...i was in love with trust no man 1 and trust no man 2....i was glued to the book until it was finished..trust no man 3 didn't do it for me..don't get me wrong it's worth reading because it's a part of a triology but dont get your hopes up...to me lil T did waaaaaaaaay to much...i thought the character of ava was uneccesary because he had kamora and vice versa..it should've been only one ride or die..i was so sick of the going back abd forth between kamora and ava,,,it made the book pretty boring to me...the ending was rushed and came unexpectedly,,,i think i wouldve been okay with just books 1 and 2...this book was almost a waste of time not to mention a waste of my money....my advice wait for the book gets old and then out in the 3.00 bin at walmart