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Unlucky for Some: A Novel of Suspense

Unlucky for Some: A Novel of Suspense

4.0 4
by Jill McGown

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Selected by The Times (London) as one of the twentieth century’s “100 Masters of Crime,” Jill McGown writes mystery-suspense novels with plots that defy second-guessing. In Unlucky for Some, her thirteenth book featuring Detective Chief Inspectors Lloyd and Hill, the quiet life of an English town scarcely conceals the deadly menace lurking

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Unlucky for Some 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having read the other Lloyd & Hill mysteries from Jill McGowan, I had expected a much better effort. I found 'Unlucky for Some' to be dull reading. The plot is unimaginative, the dialogue dry, the characters are flat and undeveloped. Mid-way through the book I was tempted to give up (something I never do). Having just finished Elizabeth George's 'With No One As Witness', this is comparasion is a waste of the reader's time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wickedly clever whodunit. Wry, deftly written drama and head-scratching red herrings fuel the suspense of this irresistibly addictive novel.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Married couple Detective Chief Inspectors Judy Hill and Lloyd cope with a terrible two¿s daughter, having Judy¿s mother live with them and wondering if they can handle the responsibility of a cat. While they cope with their personal life, they work doubly hard trying to bring down a serial killer. His first victim Wilma Fenton won a tidy sum at the bingo parlor. Employee Stephen Holiday delivers her winnings and walks her home before meeting someone he doesn¿t want to reveal to the police when they question him................ When a second person is murdered in much the same way as Wilma, Stephen is in the area again and doesn¿t have an airtight alibi that could clear him. The murderer contacts journalist Tony Baker, who brought down a serial killer years ago. It is obvious the perpetrator wants to play a Cat and Mouse game with the reporter and the cops. As the killings continue, Stephen is either the killer or somebody with inside information has set him up. Judy and Lloyd believe Stephen is innocent despite the evidence and don¿t want to see him go to jail, but the miasma of lies hide the truth................................ Jill McGown writes some of the best British police procedurals on the market today. The marriage between the two protagonists gives insight into the personal lives of these fascinating characters and the way they work together is remarkable because neither one is jealous of who is in command of the situation. Though the flaunting serial killer is over killed in novels, UNLUCKY FOR SOME is an enthralling mystery that should be on everyone fan¿s keeper shelf...................................... Harriet Klausner