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5.0 2
by Michael Warden
With the rediscovery of the Book of Dei'lo, the lines of war have been drawn across the Inherited Lands. Behind their fortified walls, the forces for good and evil are massing for the ultimate conflict, pitting the two Languages of Power against one another in open battle for the first time...At the focal point of this coming apocalypse stands Gideon Dawning, a

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Waymaker 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LiadanESM More than 1 year ago
After years of waiting for M. Warden to locate a new publisher, "Waymaker" is here. In this review I'll try to incorporate the review for "Gideon's Dawn," Bk. 1, so please read both reviews to get the full picture. At the end of bk 1 we find Gideon is the foretold "Waymaker," which is the herald of the Pearl, the lost deity of the Inherited Lands. Gideon, formerly a geology student in our world, transported to the Inher. Lands, has accepted his mystical role, and his new powers and now stives to find the Pearl and restore it to the people of this world. But, he has obstacles. The Inher. Lands are brutally oppressed by the Council, a group of people wielding the Tongue of Death known as Sa'lei. With it, they can literally command their enemies to die w/ a single Word. Their opposition is the Remnant, a group of people from many races, ages, etc. holding the Tongue of Life, Dei'lo. In bk 1 they just found the lost Book of Dei'lo, which they hope will enable them to challenge and overthrow the Council, restoring the Inher. Lands to freedom. In bk. 2, Gideon goes off on his journey to find the sentient Pearl, and bring it to Wordhaven, the HQ of the Remnant. With him go several friends and allies of a diverse backround. What I like about bk 2 is you learn more about the different races and cultures that inhabit the Inher. Lands and find that some are for good, some are for bad, and some are merely for themselves. Gideon's love interest, Aybel, strives in bk 2 to convince her people to help the Remnant, for instance, and in doing so save themselves, but to no avail. The Council has a dramatic power shift and we find a minor villain from bk 1, Lord Stevron, becomes a terrible force to be reckoned with in #2. His drive for power reaches insane levels and with it, so does his dark, but incredible abilities. He and Gideon have many bloody and dramatic battles in this book on land and then later a battle involving sea monsters and hurricane storms. Meanwhile, at Wordhaven, Gideon's other friends stuggle to build the armies of Dei'lo that will challenge the Council, but their numbers are too small and an infiltrater enters with the intent to kill the new Remnant Leader. Their battle is amazing. In #2 we learn more history of the Inher. Lands, how it was a beautiful place that fell into darkness at the hands of Gideon's predeccesor: Gideon Truthslayer. In #1 there is more history of the lands truth be told, which gives these stories an amazing depth and believabilty, but I love the new revelations that are given in #2. The warriors make haste to train the armies while Gideon races to find the Pearl, and learn more about the mystrious Being that brought him to the Inher. Lands to begin with. In these stories, the characters all have a well thought out backround and it is apparent how each individual story impacts the characters' decisions. The villains are just as complicated as the heroes, which is great, and the greatest part of all is the very human reasons the characters on both sides do what they do. It allows you to empathize with each one. So, in all the story climaxes with Wordhaven's discovery by the Council and is attacked. Gideon comes to a strange land where the Pearl has reappeared, and Lord Stevron shows with his terrible might that he will be the main advesary to be overcome in #3. So, read 1, dive into #2, and wait with bated breath with me for #3, "The Word Within,&am