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Whitefoot the Wood Mouse (Classic Reprint)

Whitefoot the Wood Mouse (Classic Reprint)

4.9 7
by Thornton W. Burgess

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Excerpt from Whitefoot the Wood Mouse

SO you see Whitefoot never knows at What instant he may have to run for his life. That is Why he is such a timid little fellow and is always running away at the least little unexpected sound. In spite Of all this he is a happy little chap.

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Whitefoot The Wood Mouse 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
You the person that rote number four would you PLEASE respond Sincerly Jenna .D. Willis.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
[ So, JR & Shadow, it may take a bit before your characters show, so be patient. Talc will be easier to fit in 'cause his mount was not specified. I'll have to find out a way to squeeze Lily in. ;) ] <p> The boy was extremely still as I helped fix his bruise up. He uttered no words, his bright gaze resting on the hummingbirds behind me. <p> I finally finished and the boy tugged his shirt down subconsciously, a barely-evident blush on his cheeks. <p> "Which one is yours?" I asked, indicating the birds. <p> He glanced at me and then the mounts. "The rufous one." His voice was husky. <p> I turned and spied the bird, its auburn and hazel plumage glowing like soft fire in the little moonlight and lightning bug glow. <p> I glanced at the dark sky. "We-we should be going soon. It's almost curfew." <p> The boy gave a small nod, now intent on looking at the ground. I scuffled the ground with my boot before awkwardly edging towards the stable exit. <p> "My name is Chert." His voice was impossibly soft. <p> I looked up, grinning lightly. "Nice to meet you, Chert." I waved slightly before turning and sprinting back to the tent. <p> &starf &starf &starf <p> The morning came too quickly. I sat up in my bunk with a groan, rubbing my bleary eyes. I quickly stumbled into my uniform and made for the mess hall. <p> Before I could even exit the tent, I ran into a living wall of cloth and flesh. It was the loud girl from yesterday, who I proceeded to call in my mind, 'Moleface.' <p> She scowled darkly at me, and I backed up slightly. "Watch where you're going, dirt." <p> My hands clenched. "Do you make a habit of making enemies with everyone you meet?" The words had left my mouth before I could even think. <p> Moleface's face lit up in fury. I supposed she wasn't backtalked very often. <p> She roughly grabbed the collar of my tunic, easily lifting me forward with one hand. <p> "What did you say, dirt?" She spat. <p> I swallowed. Dad had always schooled Agate and I that if we started a fight, we had better be ready to finish it. "I said, 'do you make a habit of making enemies with everyone you meet?' " <p> Moleface drew a fist back, still holding me tightly. <p> I closed my eyes. And explosion of pain erupted on my face, her punch hitting me just below my eye, her knuckles heavily bruising my cheekbone. <p> I staggered back, and Moleface released me, letting me fall. <p> I peered up at her, sure I felt warm blood on my cheek. My left eye felt almost swollen shut, throbbing. <p> Moleface raised her boot and brought it down harshly in my chest. Something snapped and white hot agony flooded me. <p> "Trillium!" <p> Someone was calling my name. Moleface was suddenly gone. I rolled on to my side, tears blurring my vision. I barely made out someone running towards me. They looked vaguely like. . . Agate? No. It was Scoria. <p> He knelt beside me, his hand warm against my arm. "Trillium." He repeated, gripping me. "Trill!" <p> My eyes fluttered. I had only felt pain this bad once before, in the fire that had killed my mother and left me with vicious wounds. <p> "Hold on, Trill!" There was Scoria's voice. Yelling. "Hold on--"" More yelling. Then. . . Silence. <p> ~ Haunted &#65430<_>mmortal
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ugh, totally got locked out for no reason! -_- Okay well I'm glad it was fun! Did your mom and Rose come along or was it just you and your uncle? I know the feeling too! I used to hate going places with Goldy, everyone aleays assumed we were dating and we always joked about getting ts<_>hirts that said "we are related, I'm available," lol! But I've had a lot of fun having my friend here! I think it's really funny because when we were little she'd asked my permission to have a crush on Goldy, I made her pay me 50 ce<_>nts before I did lol. (Looking back I was a greedy little 8 year old haha!) So when I saw her Saturday she was like, I didn't know someone that cute could get that much cuter, and then asked my pr<_>ice for dating him. I sorta laughed in her face but I don't think she was joking haha! It was just funny to me, because the guys I had crushes om when I was that little are all either nutcases or got hit so hard with puberty I don't even recognize them anymore lol. But she's a really awesome girl, so if Goldy did decide to date her I think they'd be fine. And yes! It looks like it'll be March 21, but I still have a few things to work out before that's final. Luckily most of the people who are helping are local and I know them really well, so they're willing to help me out, it's just the catering people who aren't flexible at all that I have to work with some more. Oh yeah and the horses had daffodils and lilies in their manes and saddles, it was awesome. Mouse had to have been planning it forever, it was perfect. Except Matt couldn't come, but I told him he needed to stay home lol. He'd been running the entire ranch with just two other people to help, cows, horses, goats, and chickens, and everything, so he needed to rest lol.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dang even Goldenstars in a bad mood!? What's his problem? Haha! Well hopefully he and Goldy get the sticks out of their bu<_>tts lol! How was your day? Hows Rosie doing? Me and my bf, his names Matthew btw I just realized I never said his name lol. But we were together all day and I think I saw Goldy flinch once or twice but otherwise things were good. He still hasn't said anything! I hope he knows all he's accomplishing is freaking me out. And since he's being akward, it only stands to reason I'm going to spend more time with Matt. That boy...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"So do you think I should be able to post ceremonies?" ~Whitefoot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago