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Winning Results with Google AdWords

Winning Results with Google AdWords

2.5 4
by Andrew Goodman

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Run a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

Reach millions of targeted new customers at the precise moment they're looking for the products and services you're selling with help from this hands-on guide. Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second Edition reveals the latest strategies for writing successful ads, selecting and grouping specific keywords,

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Winning Results with Google AdWords 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The reviews are pretty well on the mark. Outdated, boring. But let's face it, it isn't a novel or action adventure. Fact is, it helpd me target my traffic better - gaining more click throughs at less money!!! Isn't that the bottom line?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Google is the most popular Internet search engine, so having your ad pop up on its search results can be a boon for your business. The challenge is to get your ad to appear on the first page of search results by using just the right keywords. Author Andrew E. Goodman shows readers the best ways to play the AdWords game. The primary warning is that Google AdWords rules change faster than a book can be published, and they have changed since this book was issued. However, the book still provides valuable concepts and ideas for online ad campaigns. Learn how to select the right keywords, write copy, test your ads, modify campaigns based on collected data, set a budget and reduce the chances of attracting the wrong prospects. We believe this book gives readers a better understanding of how to work with search engine ads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
For being 'boring' I give this book one out of five, for 'getting results' three out of five, and minus one overall for being 'out-dated'. Therefore, two stars. Start with 'Boring'. This books reads like a terrible University book, I hated some most it because: - How lengthy and irrelevant the paragraphs are - 300 pages!!! Come on, this book could have been 100 to 150 pages tops. - Subjective POV - Not proving and establishing creditability with actually case studies and stats. Instead stating `I had this client, and we did this...' - Quoting Seth Godin about 17 times! (Maybe I should have bought Seth's book instead?!) Being 'Out-dated'. Unlike most University books this book needs a 'New Edition' - already. Go figure, the book is only a year old then again Google Adwords is only going to be three years old in February 2006. Sadly, there weren't even chapter summaries and a glossary of terms. 'Getting results'. If you're an advanced Google advertiser you are wasting your time reading this book, if you're a Google advertiser beginner or a immediate (as was I) read this book it could save you $1000s - it would have for me. I'll save you the time and give you what I think are the best parts: - Use the 'keyword tool' from Overture (yahoo's adword program) to establish choice keywords - CTR (click through ratio) is very important because the higher your CTR the less you pay for your ad position, and the lower your CTR the more you have to pay for ad positioning - Your Ad Position = CTR x Max Bid. Therefore, if I bid $1 and you bid $1, but my CTR is 3.2% and yours is 3.1% my ad will appear above yours. - Don't bid to be #1 because you'll waste your money. Instead bid to be positioned between position two to five (this tip alone could have saved me $1000s in the beginning) - Favorite ad position is two and three because you're either right above the 'real' searches or first one on the top right - Conversion rates are king. Try changing your landing page, and optimizing your landing page with a clear 'call to action' and navigation. - Use the 'keywords' in ad copy to increase CTRs - Buy a book on 'Copy Writing', you will not good 'copy writing' insights in this book. My favorite is 'How to Write Good Advertisement' don't get fooled by how old it is - Use 'negative keywords', which are words with a '-' in front of them. Example, if you have the word '-free', and someone searches for 'free team building' your ads for the keyword 'team building' won't show up saving you a click and saving money irrelevant searches lowering your CTR. A win/win Andrew Goodman is a fellow Canadian doing his best. I know his next book or 'Updated Edition' will be as you say Seth Godin says 'Remarkable'. And next time Andrew, please shorten the book by 100 to 150 pages. PS. Great book marketing of your book, that's why I bought it.