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World War of the Dead

World War of the Dead

3.1 6
by Eric S Brown

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As World War II rages across Europe, a bombing run awakens an ancient evil. It rises from the depths of darkness to bring Hell itself with it into the world of man. Armies of the dead claw their way out of their graves to eat the flesh of the living. Germany is overrun within days as the plague of the hungry dead spreads around the globe and not even the streets of

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World War Of The Dead 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
undeadintheheadDOTcom More than 1 year ago
It is the 1940s the German army has spread through Europe like a wildfire. The Allied forces are meeting the army from Nazi-Germany head-on. Life in Europe is a living hell for the civilians. They are trying to survive while the two armies fight their war. In the middle of the battlefield lays a hidden terror from a time that has long ago been forgotten. An archaeological dig is underway to uncover a power the SS is hunting for. The archaeologists are forced to flee the temple when an air battle erupts between the allies and the German army, a bomb explodes near the temple and strange blue lightning shoots up into the sky from the hole left behind from the blast, hitting units from both sides of the war. Two days pass and the human race is no longer at war with each other. They are at war with the living dead. People that were hit by the blue lightning have strange new abilities that they cannot explain. The living dead are lead by a demon that has been released from his prison, and he has only two goals: to take back the powers stolen from him by the humans, and to destroy all life on earth. It is up to these new heroes to hunt and kill this demon before his army of the living dead wipes out all life on earth. He only has two goals and that is to take back the powers stolen from him by the humans and destroy all life on earth. It is up to these new heroes to hunt and kill this demon before his army of the living dead wipes out all life on earth. I do not lie when it comes to reviewing books. I tell the truth even if I know the author. I try to be fair without bashing. This book is not something I would have read if I knew the plot. I am not big on comic book superheroes and that is what was going on in this book. The humans with super powers were nothing more then superheroes on their way to save the world. This book is also highly religious. It is easy to see all the Christian symbolism, Good vs. Evil type of writing. Christianity is clearly seen when a main character, Gabriel, is doing the "Jesus, please come into my heart to be my lord and savior" prayer. I could have done without reading the whole prayer Gabriel did and would have settled with, "Gabriel did his prayer and was saved by Jesus Christ." I shouldn't be critical; this book has well thought-out writing. The characters are easy to picture in your head, even though there are a lot of characters. I've never liked stories where all the min characters are separated throughout the book, and having to read each individual story until all characters meet at the end. I have trouble following those types of structures but Brown did a terrific job; I was never lost, all the characters were easy to follow and the flow was awesome. The plot wasn't that bad it's just a genre I'm not interested in. I will say this; the writing was well presented, and despite disliking the religion pushing and the super heroes, it held my attention enough to finish. Thinking about all the pros and cons I would say it is worth the read. World War of the Dead is well written and flows like a work of art. The characters are left up to the imagination. It was easy to picture them in my head. This story may not be for everyone but if you're in the religious comic book hero category then this story is for you. I will have to give World War of the Dead 3 Undead Heads out of 5.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago