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xxxHolic, Volume 14

xxxHolic, Volume 14

5.0 1
by Clamp

Kimihiro is a mystery even to himself. He has no memory of his past, or even of his beloved parents’ names. Neither does he have any idea why he is being followed by malicious spirits. But his boss, the witch Yûko Ichihara, knows, and in this volume many of Kimihiro’s secrets are finally revealed!

xxxHOLiC crosses over with Tsubasa, also by CLAMP

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xxxHolic, Volume 14 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
mysterJay More than 1 year ago
I must say that I absolutely love the xxxHolic manga. The artwork is very well done with an artful elegance that you don't find in many other illustrated media. I think this is in no small part due to the creators, Clamp. The drawings are very stylized, and not at all Western in their nature. Every time I flip through a volume I am pleased by the overall Japanese aesthetic, and I find the chapter markers to be especially wonderful. One of my favorite aspects of all the Clamp manga are the intertwined Nippon and Clamp mythologies. Everything feels so smooth and well thought out as I read, there is no moment of disbelief. I find myself devouring each and every issue at first in gigantic bites, pulling in all the pieces of the story, and then again at a more leisurely pace, soaking in all the artwork. One of the things that has kept me coming back is the mystery of Watanuki, and why and how he ended up in Yuko's shop. I also have been intrigued by the relationship between xxxHolic and Tsubasa. As the story goes along, you learn more and more about how one story is so entwined with the other.