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Zeigler, through Vidster's eyes

Zeigler, through Vidster's eyes

4.5 7
by N. H. Vidocq
Christmas Eve 1975, all was quiet ... or so it seemed. While others were preparing for their Christmas parties, some were planning an attack. But none of the attackers could foresee that three other people would enter the furniture store before the intended victim finally arrived. An eBook explaining the wrongful conviction of the intended victim who became the

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Zeigler, through Vidster's eyes 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am someone who likes to understand the¿ how and why¿ events occur, so that I can nod my head and say ¿yes indeed, I see the reasoning¿ even if I don¿t agree with the outcome. I like to understand the thinking and the process. I was unfamiliar with the Ziegler case before reading, and was expecting shades of grey in need of pondering. Did he? Didn¿t he? Could he? Couldn¿t he have? As I read through Vidster¿s e-Book, a meticulously detailed and well researched account of the events which took place on the evening of December 24, 1975, in the shadows of the darkened Ziegler furniture store, the murders of four people and wounding of one, the subsequent investigation, and trial which followed, it soon became apparent that a series of important factors were at play to put Mr Ziegler firmly in the centre of the ¿Prime Suspect¿ picture. We are not reading a fictional ¿written-for-television-we-all-know-is-nonsense-to-make-good-television¿ drama. If it were, we¿d all expect at the end of the story for the perpetrators of such a ¿fit up¿ to be caught & punished, and Mr Ziegler set free, enabling him to grieve properly for his wife & her parents. As Vidster takes the reader through this chilling tale, he gives us a clear step by step picture of the chain of events, and in so doing, the case itself presents many reasonable questions as to the methods by which evidence was collected, tested and presented, not to mention withheld, the motives of some involved with the case, witnesses known to the State whose evidence was not used, intimidation of jurors, and finally, the validity of a system by which Mr Ziegler has found himself these past 35 years living under a death sentence. Ziegler: Through the Eyes of Vidster is a compelling read, a complex tale. For lovers of crime stories, they don¿t come any more real than this one. I found myself enthralled and outraged, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the knowledge, and with a deep sense of sadness and confusion, as to why William Thomas Ziegler Jr not only was convicted, but has languished on Death Row for all these years. This is both an easy story to read with Vidster¿s clear & comprehensive style, and at the same time extremely difficult given the glaring anomalies which present at every turn. Conspiracy? Incompetence? Negligence? Why? Who? An opportunity is currently available to use modern technology in the DNA testing of evidence in this case. An opportunity that could provide the answer to this 36 year old murder mystery? Who really killed Eunice Edwards-Ziegler, her parents Perry & Virginia Edwards, and Charlie Mays? Was it William Thomas Ziegler Jr? At the writing of this review, the outcome of the DNA hearing is still awaiting a decision. Will justice finally be served to Mr Ziegler, or will he be executed without ever having the chance to properly prove his innocence. ¿Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice¿. I hope that the arc isn¿t so long that Mr Ziegler doesn¿t get to experience justice in her fullness. Read this compelling story and decide for yourself. Debbie Green
Sobk13 More than 1 year ago
Having had the privilege of following Vidster's blog and learning about forensics and evidence in a world where these elements are so important, this book has been mind-shattering. It sends out a very important message: justice, before being seen to be done, must, in and of itself, be done. Detailing evidence of a rather complex case in which a man, Mr Thomas Zeigler is found guilty on several counts of murder including those of close family members, the book gives you a solid glimpse into the world of Mr Zeigler and the many question marks that hang over his head: was the evidence properly gathered? Did the officers tamper with the crime scene and if so, why? Did Mr Zeigler in fact commit these awful crimes? And most poignantly, will he be executed for them? Currently on Death Row, Mr Zeigler's story makes for sobre reading. Today is the day he has his DNA hearing. At the time the murders took place, the book tells us that evidence gathering and forensics was a great deal less evolved than it is now. This, coupled with possible evidence tampering, makes the impending excecution of Mr Zeigler grave cause for concern - not just for the loss of a potentially innocent life but also for society as a whole. For without truth and justice, we are nothing. Through Vidster's Eyes is a compelling read; filled with interesting facts, neatly explained and easy to digest, Vidster takes us on a journey through a maze of evidence and unearths the frightening possibilities behind the case and the motives behind these murders. If you have a passion for justice, an eye for detail and a curious mind, this book is highly recommended. As someone who knows nothing about forensics but loves watching CSI episodes, this book had me enthralled from start to finish. Waiting with fevered anticipation to hear about the DNA Hearing, Natasha Phillips
SuzieIvy2 More than 1 year ago
I¿m on the side of fighting crime and making sure dangerous criminals are kept off the street. One of my continuing fears is that I will mistakenly put someone behind bars who is innocent. I know even if I made the mistake, I am woman enough to correct it. That is what true justice is all about. Zeigler, Through Vidster¿s Eye¿s is the account of events which happened on Christmas Eve in 1975. Tommy Zeigler was shot, his wife and in-laws murdered. Vidster relays events of that night and the trial which followed in a thorough meticulous fashion. The questions I walk away with, after reading, are why? Please give me Zeigler¿s motive! Why? Please look at all the evidence. Why? Please tell me the reasons for cover up of statements and evidence. Why? Hasn¿t justice prevailed in this case? Zeigler will never get back his lost freedom or his wife. He can be proven innocent or even unmistakably guilty by testing all the evidence. DNA testing is available. This is called justice! I want to thank Vidster for bringing this case to light. I will remember it during my career. I don¿t need to learn from my own mistakes, though I do. I am more than able to learn through the mistakes of others.
the-quill More than 1 year ago
As one who has followed the case of Florida death row inmate Tommy Zeigler for over 25 years, I was pleased to discover that Vidster had begun investigating/analyzing the quadruple murder case on his "Defrosting Cold Cases" Web site a few years ago. Now he is offering his years of research to the public in an eBook that is difficult for lovers of justice to put down. Presenting this true, complex case in a simple, 50-page format and reader-friendly manner is no small feat, yet Vidster has done that by leading the reader step by step through the events of Christmas Eve 1975, highlighting the shoddy investigation, analyzing the blood evidence, and giving us a fresh look at the crime scene. He tells of juror intimidation and the judicial override of a life sentence to death by a judge who had prior dealings with the defendant. He tells of evidence that was withheld from the jury and new witnesses that have come forward, who say they were known to the State before trial. And he gives us a glimpse into Zeigler himself. As any thorough investigation leads to the conclusion that Zeigler was wrongly convicted, so does Vidster's. This book should be required reading by every law student in the US, as should Fatal Flaw, written by Phillip Finch on the case in 1992.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Depicts facts regarding the presumed innocence and wrongly imprisoned individual accused of murder. Police reports and other supporting documents are not jegible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago