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  1. Last Season  
  2. Survive!: Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere - Alive  
  3. It's Only Slow Food Until You Try to Eat It: Misadventures of a Suburban Hunter-Gatherer  
  4. The Best of Outside: The First Twenty Years  
  5. The Grasshopper Trap  
  6. If You Didn't Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat: Misadventures in Hunting, Fishing, and the Wilds of Suburbia  
  7. A North Country Life: Tales of Woodsmen, Waters, and Wildlife  
  8. Wilderness Days  
  9. Wilderness Survival Handbook: Primitive Skills for Short-Term Survival and Long-Term Comfort  
  10. Primitive Skills and Crafts: An Outdoorsman's Guide to Shelters, Tools, Weapons, Tracking, Survival, and More  
  11. Camping and Woodcraft: A Handbook for Vacation Campers and for Travelers in the Wilderness (Volume I)  
  12. Two in the Wild; Tales of Adventures from Friends, Mothers, and Daughters  
  13. William Elliott's Carolina Sports By Land And Water (2/1/1994)

    List Price $18.95

    Publisher: University of South Carolina Press

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    Paperback $16.47 (Save 13%) $2.39
  14. Becoming Teddy Roosevelt: How a Maine Guide Inspired America's 26th President  
  15. The Outdoor Knots Book  
  16. Out Home  
  17. Outdoor Careers: Exploring Occupations in Outdoor Fields  
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