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  1. The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany  
  2. Hell above Earth: The Incredible True Story of an American WWII Bomber Commander and the Copilot Ordered to Kill Him  
  3. The Bombers and the Bombed: Allied Air War Over Europe, 1940-1945  
  4. Apache Dawn: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned  
  5. World War II Glider Assault Tactics  
  6. To Kingdom Come: An Epic Saga of Survival in the Air War Over Germany  
  7. F4F Wildcat vs A6M Zero-sen: Pacific Theater 1942  
  8. Bf 110 vs Lancaster: 1942-45  
  9. MIG Master: The Story of the F-8 Crusader  
  10. SBD Dauntless Units of World War 2: Osprey Combat Aircraft 10  
  11. Apache: Inside the Cockpit of the World's Most Deadly Fighting Machine  
  12. In The Company Of Heroes  
  13. F-86 Sabre vs MiG-15: Korea 1950-53  
  14. Mosquito Bomber/Fighter-Bomber Units 1942-45  
  15. B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the Eigth Air Force Part 2  
  16. A Nightmare's Prayer: A Marine Harrier Pilot's War in Afghanistan  
  17. Claim of Privilege: A Mysterious Plane Crash, a Landmark Supreme Court Case, and the Rise of State Secrets  
  18. USAF McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II  
  19. The Bomber Boys: Heroes Who Flew the B-17s in World War II  
  20. The Dauntless Dive Bomber of World War Two  
  21. US Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War  
  22. F-4 Phantom vs MiG-21: Vietnam War 1965-73  
  23. Apache AH-64 Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) 1975-2005  
  24. Mustang and Thunderbolt Aces of the Pacific and CBI  
  25. Very Long Range P-51 Mustang Units of the Pacific War  
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