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  1. Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work  
  2. The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success  
  3. Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know  
  4. Rock Breaks Scissors: A Practical Guide to Outguessing and Outwitting Almost Everybody  
  5. Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World  
  6. The Decision Book: Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking  
  7. The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems  
  8. Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire  
  9. FORTUNE The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time: How Apple, Ford, IBM, Zappos, and others made radical choices that changed the course of business.  
  10. Unfolding the Napkin: The Hands-On Method for Solving Complex Problems with Simple Pictures  
  11. Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk  
  12. Left Brain, Right Stuff: How Leaders Make Winning Decisions  
  13. Workarounds That Work: How to Conquer Anything That Stands in Your Way at Work  
  14. Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?: Leading a Great Enterprise through Dramatic Change  
  15. La 3ª alternativa: Para resolver los problemas más difíciles de la vida  
  16. Leapfrogging: Harness the Power of Surprise for Business Breakthroughs  
  17. Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace  
  18. The Thinker's Toolkit: 14 Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving  
  19. Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking  
  20. The Thinker's Toolkit: Fourteen Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving  
  21. Winning Decisions: Getting It Right the First Time  
  22. Learning Through Problem Solving: A Special Double Issue of  
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