Studies in European Culture and History Series

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  1. Tribal Fantasies: Native Americans in the European Imaginary, 1900-2010  
  2. Weimar Culture Revisited  
  3. One Family's Shoah: Victimization, Resistance, Survival in Nazi Europe  
  4. Reimagining the European Family: Cultures of Immigration  
  5. Punk Rock and German Crisis: Adaptation and Resistance after 1977  
  6. Memory and Postwar Memorials: Confronting the Violence of the Past  
  7. Violence and Gender in the  
  8. Freedom and Confinement in Modernity: Kafka's Cages  
  9. The Balkan Prospect: Identity, Culture, and Politics in Greece after 1989  
  10. Baader-Meinhof and the Novel: Narratives of the Nation / Fantasies of the Revolution, 1970-2010  
  11. Weimar Film and Modern Jewish Identity  
  12. German Unification: Expectations and Outcomes  
  13. Cinema After Fascism: The Shattered Screen  
  14. German Postwar Films  
  15. Converting a Nation: A Modern Inquisition and the Unification of Italy  
  16. Choreographing the Global in European Cinema and Theater  
  17. Remembering The Occupation In French Film  
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