52 Brilliant Ideas Series

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  1. Inspired Creative Writing (52 Brilliant Ideas): Pokes and Prods for Scribblers of All Stripes  
  2. Sleep Deep: Simple Techniques for Beating Insomnia (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  3. Unleash Your Creativity: Fresh Ideas for Having Fresh Ideas (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  4. Land Your Dream Job: High-Performance Techniques to Get Noticed, Get Hired, and Get Ahead  
  5. Be Incredibly Sexy (52 Brilliant Ideas): A Crash Course in Getting Your Groove On-- and Keeping It There  
  6. Upgrade Your Brain (52 Brilliant Ideas): Boost Your Memory, Think More Clearly, and Discover Your Inner Einstein  
  7. Detox Your Finances: Earn More, Spend Less, and Make Your Money Work as Hard as You Do (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  8. Speak Easy: Dazzle Every Audience and Leave Them Begging for More (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  9. Live Longer: Boost Your Strength, Energy, and Mobility -- and Feel Young for Life (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  10. Cultivate a Cool Career (52 Brilliant Ideas): Guerrilla Tactics for Reaching the Top  
  11. Beat Your Allergies: Simple, Effective Ways to Stop Sneezing and Scratching (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  12. Cellulite Solutions: Tips and Techniques to Lose the Lumps (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  13. Look Gorgeous Always: Find It, Fake It, Flaunt It (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  14. Beat Back Pain (52 Brilliant Ideas): Smart and Simple Ways to Ease the Strain  
  15. Stress-Proof Your Life: Smart Ways to Relax and Re-energize (52 Brilliant Ideas)  
  16. Live an Eco-Friendly Life: Smart Ways to Get Green and Stay That Way (52 Brilliant Ideas)  
  17. Pump up Your Workout: Smart Ways to Make the Gym Work Harder for You (52 Brilliant Ideas)  
  18. Boost Your Heart Health: Vital Ways to Nurture Your Most Vital Organ (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  19. Defeat Depression: Tips and Techniques for Beating the Blues (52 Brilliant Ideas Series)  
  20. Discover Your Roots (52 Brilliant Ideas): Dig Up Your Family History and Other Buried Treasures  
  21. Raising Pre-teens (52 Brilliant Ideas): Tips and Techniques for Making the Most of Your Child's Terrible Tweens  
  22. Secrets of Wine (52 Brilliant Ideas): Know Your Cab from Your Merlot--Without the Terroir  
  23. Boost Your Whole Health (52 Brilliant Ideas): Quick Fixes for the Body, Mind, and Soul  
  24. Raising a Healthy Eater (52 Brilliant Ideas): Help Your Kids Develop a Taste for Good Nutrition  
  25. Web Sites That Work: Secrets from Winning Web Sites  
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