Harlequin NASCAR Series

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  1. Teaming Up  
  2. At Any Cost: Driven/Lady's Choice  
  3. The Rookie (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  4. Hart's Victory (NASCAR Series)  
  5. The Comeback  
  6. Winning It All  
  7. Raising the Stakes  
  8. The Memory of a Kiss: Long Gone/Chasing the Dream  
  9. Fully Engaged  
  10. Out of Line  
  11. Tailspin (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  12. What He Didn't Say: Chasing the Truth / Cornered  
  13. Risking Her Heart  
  14. One in a Million: No Ordinary Man\Daisy Chain  
  15. Truth and Consequences (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  16. Banking on Hope  
  17. Checkered Past (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  18. From the Outside (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  19. Hot Pursuit (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  20. No Holding Back [Harlequin NASCAR Series]  
  21. Full Throttle  
  22. Forbidden Attraction  
  23. Within Striking Distance  
  24. Back on Track  
  25. Into the Corner  
  26. Miles Apart (NASCAR Series)  
  27. A Chance Worth Taking (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  28. No Holds Barred (Harlequin NASCAR Series)  
  29. No Time to Lose  
  30. One Track Mind  
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