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  1. Voyage of the Turtle: In Pursuit of the Earth's Last Dinosaur  
  2. Song for the Blue Ocean  
  3. The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World  
  4. Eye of the Albatross: Visions of Hope and Survival  
  5. Atlas of Oceans: An Ecological Survey of Underwater Life (2/22/2011)

    List Price $55.00

    Publisher: Yale University Press

    Format BN.comUsed/New from
    Hardcover $49.50 (Save 10%) $1.99
  6. Shifting Baselines: The Past and the Future of Ocean Fisheries  
  7. A Sea in Flames: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout  
  8. Let the People Judge: Wise Use And The Private Property Rights Movement  
  9. Exploring the Other Island: A Seasonal Guide to Nature on Long Lisland  
  10. Seafood Lover's Almanac: 1st Edition (10/28/2000)

    List Price $19.95

    Publisher: National Audubon Society

    Format Used/New from
    Paperback $1.99
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