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Best Hardcover Novel

Book Cover Image. Title: Bad Blood (Virgil Flowers Series #4), Author: by John Sandford, John Sandford

Bad Blood (Virgil Flowers Series #4)by John SandfordJohn Sandford (Hardcover)

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    Best Paperback Original Winner

    Book Cover Image. Title: The Cold Room (Taylor Jackson Series #4), Author: by J. T. Ellison, J. T. Ellison

    The Cold Room (Taylor Jackson Series #4)by J. T. EllisonJ. T. Ellison (Mass Market Paperback)

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    Best First Novel Winner

    Book Cover Image. Title: Still Missing, Author: by Chevy Stevens, Chevy Stevens

    Still Missingby Chevy StevensChevy Stevens (Paperback)

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    Best Short Story

    Book Cover Image. Title: Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Author: by Penny Publications, Penny Publications

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazineby Penny PublicationsPenny PublicationsDigital
    (NOOK Magazine (eMagazine))

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    Winner: The Gods for Vengeance Cry by Richard Helms (from Ellery Queen Magazine)

    • Runners-up
    • "Second Wind," by Mike Carey in The New Dead
    • "Blue on Black," by Michael Connelly in The Strand Magazine
    • "Madeeda," by Harley Jane Kozak in Crimes By Midnight
    • "Chasing the Dragon," by Nicolas Kaufman in ChiZine Magazine
    • "Long Time Dead," by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins in The Strand Magazine