NOOK in Education

NOOK is helping educators and students in today's 21st Century Classroom. With free content management, special savings on orders of 10 or more NOOKs, and purchase order payment options, educators will find the tools they need to engage students, improve performance and teach the Common Core State Standards.
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NOOK Accessories

NOOK covers, styluses and screen protectors to keep your NOOK secure and reduce finger smudges.

Charging carts to charge multiple NOOKs at once.
See How NOOK Can Work for You

See How NOOK Can Work for You

See how you can use NOOK to introduce technology to your classroom and plug your students into the world around them.

NOOK Trends in Education

See which NOOK Books and NOOK Apps educators are using in their classrooms today.

Which NOOK is Right for Your Classroom?

Compare the features of our different NOOKs and determine which one best suits the needs of you and your students.
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