Kids' Books: Ages 3-5

Book Cover Image. Title: Frozen Hide-and-Hug Olaf:  A Fun Family Experience!, Author: Kevin Lewis
This deluxe box features a story about Olaf the snowman and a huggable Olaf plush. Following the hide-and-seek theme of the story, parents can hide the plush for children to find and deliver Olaf's big, warm hug!
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Please, Mr. Panda is the first selection in a new monthly promotion featuring our picture book recommendations. What do you get when a panda with a box of doughnuts meets animals hungry for a snack? A book about manners, of course! Mr. Panda asks them if they would like a doughnut. In each interaction, Panda changes his mind and withdraws his offer, until finally, a polite lemur utters the magic word.