Robert Kirkman’s Graphic Novel Picks

Book Cover Image. Title: Wanted, Author: J.G. Jones


J.G. JonesMark MillarImage Comics

One of Millar's best wth amazing art by J.G. Jones. I love this comic and the movie was pretty cool too (but the comic is way better).

Book Cover Image. Title: The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Volume 1, Author: Tradd Moore

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Volume 1

Tradd MooreJustin Jordan

Fantastic new book by new talent. A must read for the jaded comic fan who thinks the medium has little to offer and an excellent choice for someone new to comics who wants to be razzled and dazzled from the get go.

Book Cover Image. Title: RASL, Volume 1:  The Drift, Author: Jeff Smith

RASL, Volume 1

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, of Bone fame, doing something so radically different from Bone. The only thing that tells you it's still by Smith is the fact that it's nearly flawless. Great story, great art, great comic.

Book Cover Image. Title: Savage Dragon, Volume 1:  Baptism of Fire, Author: Erik Larson

Savage Dragon, Volume 1

Erik Larson

In my opinion, the greatest superhero comic ever... and definitely in my top five comic series of all time. Erik Larsen pushes the boundaries of what a superhero comic can be. This comic, more than any other, drove me to want to make comics my profession. I love this book.

Book Cover Image. Title: Witch Doctor, Volume 1, Author: Brandon Seifert

Witch Doctor, Volume 1

Brandon SeifertLukas Ketner

Another great book from new talent. It's really inspiring to see new voices coming to comics and bringing in such awesome ideas. Witch Doctor is a great horror comic that doesn't get caught up in the ten billion cliche land mines that exist in the genre. Totally original and totally great.

Book Cover Image. Title: Criminal, Volume 1:  Coward, Author: Ed Brubaker

Criminal, Volume 1

Ed BrubakerSean Phillips

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' finest work until they did FATALE which will be launching in June in collected form, so seek that out too. Criminal is just what the title makes you think. It's a straight crime story with no capes or laser guns, showing that you don't need that stuff at all to tell a compelling and egaging story in comic form.

Book Cover Image. Title: Turf, Author: Tommy Lee Edwards


Tommy Lee EdwardsJonathon Ross

This is a period piece about gangsters, aliens and vampires that is absolutely amazing. I shouldn't have to say anything more.

Book Cover Image. Title: The Nightly News, Author: Jonathan Hickman

The Nightly News

Jonathan HickmanJonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman, writer of all the best comics these days, totally got his start here, and it's one of the best debuts a comic-creator has ever had. So marvel at how much talent this guy started out with and if you love it, seek out his other stuff.

Book Cover Image. Title: Chew, Volume 1:  Taster's Choice, Author: John Layman

Chew, Volume 1

John LaymanRob Guillory

Detective Tony Chu totally gets psychic impressions from eating things... and he's a detective who can solve crimes by, well...eating a piece of the victims. That's cool, right? Showtime is developing it into a TV show... get in on the ground floor!

Book Cover Image. Title: Powers, Volume 1:  Who Killed Retro Girl?, Author: Brian Michael Bendis

Powers, Volume 1

Brian Michael BendisMichael Oeming

Walker and Pilgrim are cops who solve crimes involving superheroes. It's a cool story set in a really interesting and nuanced superhero world. It's a great book for the adult superhero fan who's sick of seeing Spider-Man beat Doctor Octopus for the 900th time. And hey, FX is developng it as a TV show! Comics is where it's at, people!