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Book Cover Image. Title: Dog Days, Author: Jeff Kinney Book Cover Image. Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Author: Jeff Kinney

Wimpy Kid #4 Is Here at Last!

Welcome back, Greg Heffley!

One of the most appealing characters in children's books returns for more shenanigans in Dog Days, the fourth hilarious installment in Jeff Kinney's bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Classic Adaptations

Pooh Bear in a New Authorized Sequel

Return to the Hundred Acre Woodby David BenedictusDavid BenedictusMark Burgess (Hardcover)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Return to the Hundred Acre Wood, Author: by David Benedictus, David Benedictus, Mark Burgess

Kids' Halloween Books

Spooky Seuss for Trick-or-Treaters

What Was I Scared Of?by Dr. SeussDr. Seuss (Hardcover)

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  • (You Save 11%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: What Was I Scared Of?:  A Glow-in-the-Dark Encounter, Author: by Dr. Seuss, Dr. Seuss

Books with Star Power

Kids' Books by Famous Folks

Testing the Iceby Sharon RobinsonSharon RobinsonKadir Nelson (Hardcover)

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  • (You Save 14%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Testing the Ice:  A True Story About Jackie Robinson, Author: by Sharon Robinson, Sharon Robinson, Kadir Nelson

Heartwarming Dog Stories

An Incredible Journey

Nubsby Brian DennisBrian DennisKirby LarsonMary Nethery (Hardcover)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Nubs:  The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle, Author: by Brian Dennis, Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson, Mary Nethery
See Inside!
Book Cover Image. Title: Walt Disney's Peter Pan, Author: by Dave Barry, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Mary Blair

Walt Disney's Peter Panby Dave BarryDave BarryRidley PearsonMary Blair (Hardcover)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: The Wizard of Oz (Oz Series #1), Author: by L. Frank Baum, L. Frank Baum, Charles Santore
    See Inside!

    The Wizard of Oz (Oz Series #1)by L. Frank BaumL. Frank BaumCharles Santore (Hardcover)

    • $16.95 List Price
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    • (You Save 50%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Let's Sing Together! (Peter Yarrow Songbook Series), Author: by Peter Yarrow, Peter Yarrow, Terry Widener, Peter Yarrow

    Let's Sing Together! (Peter Yarrow Songbook Series)by Peter YarrowPeter YarrowTerry WidenerPeter Yarrow (Hardcover)

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    • (You Save 24%)

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    Discover Picture Book Favorites

    Every Picture Tells a Story

    Book Cover Image. Title: Crow Call, Author: by Lois Lowry, Lois Lowry, Bagram Ibatoulline

    Crow Callby Lois LowryLois LowryBagram Ibatoulline (Hardcover)

    • $17.99 List Price
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    • (You Save 22%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Where the Wild Things Are, Author: by Maurice Sendak, Maurice Sendak
    See Inside!

    Where the Wild Things Areby Maurice SendakMaurice Sendak (Hardcover)

    • $18.99 List Price
    • $12.01 Online Price
    • (You Save 36%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Wag!, Author: by Patrick McDonnell, Patrick McDonnell

    Wag!by Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell (Hardcover)

    • $15.99 List Price
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    • (You Save 35%)

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