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A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle Schoolby Julie WilliamsJulie Williams (Paperback)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School:  Everything You Need to Know about Juggling More Homework, More Teachers, and More Friends!, Author: by Julie Williams, Julie Williams

    Body & Mind

    Being Aware of the Inside & Outside

    The Care and Keeping of Youby Valorie SchaeferValorie SchaeferNorm Bendell (Paperback)

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      Book Cover Image. Title: The Care and Keeping of You:  The Body Book for Girls (AmericanGirl Library), Author: by Valorie Schaefer, Valorie Schaefer, Norm Bendell

      Do It Yourself

      Projects for Can-Do Girls

      Doll Schoolby American Girl Editorial StaffAmerican Girl Editorial Staff (Paperback)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Doll School:  For Girls Who Love to Teach!, Author: by American Girl Editorial Staff, American Girl Editorial Staff

        Just for Fun

        Puzzles, Quizzes & More

        Just Mom and Meby Erin FalligantErin FalligantChris DavidStacy Peterson (Paperback)

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        Book Cover Image. Title: Just Mom and Me:  The tear-out, punch-out, fill-out book of fun for girls and their moms, Author: by Erin Falligant, Erin Falligant, Chris David, Stacy Peterson