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Book Cover Image. Title: The Medicinal Chef:  Eat Your Way to Better Health, Author: Dale Pinnock

The Medicinal Chef

Dale Pinnock


In The Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock creates practical, delicious dishes that are a pleasure to eat but also alleviate a variety of ailments and illnesses. Pick it up today and save 50%.

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Book Cover Image. Title: Eating the Alkaline Way:  Recipes for a Well-Balanced Honestly Healthy Lifestyle, Author: Natasha Corrett

Eating the Alkaline Way

Natasha Corrett


Focused on balancing the body's pH content, Eating the Alkaline Way is both a cookbook and a lifestyle guide that promotes healthy living. Written by organic gourmet vegetarian cook Natasha Corrett and leading nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson, it's packed with recipes, tips, and tricks for tracking daily alkaline and acid intake.

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Book Cover Image. Title: Leaves, Author: Michael Baron


Michael Baron

NOOK Book (eBook)

For more than three decades the Gold family has been an integral part of the small town of Oldham, Connecticut. Known for beautiful array of colors the leaves turn each fall, the leaves aren't the only things changing this year. The first novel in Michael Baron's charming series is full of romance, tension and family drama as the Gold siblings draw you into their lives.

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Video/DVD. Title: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


He's Bilbo. He's Watson. He's Martin Freeman. And he's among the many reasons this first film in Peter Jackson's trilogy based on The Hobbit is such a delightful film to own. Save 46% today.

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Product Image. Title: Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones -Black

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones -Black


With DNA headphones, you don’t have to choose between deep base or crystal details. They’re tuned for a live music experience making it feel like you're actually there. Pick up these Monster DNA on-ear headphones today, and save $60.

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Product Image. Title: Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run



The legendary hero is making the jump to your favorite device! Rayman Jungle Run is powered by the same UbiArt engine that brought you Rayman Origins -- winner of numerous awards. Recommended for ages 4+. Get it now and save 50%.

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Product Image. Title: Three Designing Women Book Lover Design Kit

Three Designing Women Book Lover Design Kit

Three Designing Women

The Book Lover Design Kit from Three Designing Women is a box set that lets you create your own stamp designs. Use the mix-and-match book-themed stamp designs and self-inking stamper to personalize your books, bookmarks, journals and more. Save 40% on this great gift.

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Magazine Cover Image. Title: Redbook - One Year Subscription

Redbook - One Year Subscription

Print Magazine Subscription

Save a bundle off newsstand prices when you subscribe! Check out our selection of favorites, each under $10 for year's worth of issues.

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