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Easter Favorites

Bestsellers for the Holiday

The Easter Eggby Jan BrettJan BrettJan Brett (Hardcover)

  • $17.99 List Price
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  • (You Save 24%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Easter Egg, Author: Jan Brett.

Egg-cellent Easter Books

Colorful Stories for the Season

Quiet Bunny's Many Colorsby Lisa McCueLisa McCue (Hardcover)

  • $14.95 List Price
  • $9.97 Online Price
  • (You Save 33%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Quiet Bunny's Many Colors, Author: Lisa McCue.

Board Books

Sweet Reads for Little Ones

Happy Easter!by Michelle KnudsenMichelle KnudsenSalina Yoon (Board Book)

  • $5.99 List Price
  • $5.39 Online Price
  • (You Save 10%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: Happy Easter!, Author: Salina Yoon.

Classic Treasures

Time-Honored Kids' Favorites

The Golden Eggby Maggie KneenMaggie KneenA.J. Wood (Hardcover)

  • $15.95 List Price
  • $13.18 Online Price
  • (You Save 17%)

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Book Cover Image. Title: The Golden Egg, Author: Maggie Kneen.

Bibles & Inspiration

Remembering the Meaning of Easter

The Story of Easterby Patricia A. PingryPatricia A. PingryLorraine Wells (Board Book)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: The Story of Easter, Author: by Patricia A. Pingry, Patricia A. Pingry, Lorraine Wells

    Favorite Characters

    Elmo, Peanuts, Fancy Nancy & Others

    Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give... Series)by Laura NumeroffLaura NumeroffFelicia Bond (Board Book)

    • $6.99 Online Price

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give... Series), Author: by Laura Numeroff, Laura Numeroff, Felicia Bond
    See Inside!

    Hands-on Fun

    Pop-ups, Activitiy Books, Stickers & More

    Easter Bugsby David A. CarterDavid A. CarterDavid A. Carter (Pop Up Book)

    • $11.99 List Price
    • $10.25 Online Price
    • (You Save 14%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Easter Bugs, Author: by David A. Carter, David A. Carter, David A. Carter

    Easter Bargains

    Save on Colorful Books

    The Velveteen Rabbit (Sandy Creek Edition)by Margery WilliamsMargery WilliamsRobyn Officer (Hardcover)

    • $6.98 List Price
    • $6.28 Online Price
    • (You Save 10%)

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    Book Cover Image. Title: Velveteen Rabbit, Author: Robyn Officer.