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Book Cover Image. Title: My Little Monster 5, Author: Robico

My Little Monster 5



Mizutani is a self-absorbed overachiever, concerned only with maintaining the highest grades in school. Haru is an impulsive short tempered brute, who scares everyone with his explosive bursts of violence...

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Book Cover Image. Title: Magi:  The Labyrinth of Magic, Vol. 8, Author: Shinobu Ohtaka


Shinobu Ohtaka


Deep within the desert lie the mysterious Dungeons, vast stores of riches there for the taking by anyone lucky enough to find them. Plucky young adventurer Aladdin means to find the Dungeons and their riches, but Aladdin may be just as mysterious as the treasures he seeks.

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Book Cover Image. Title: UQ Holder 3, Author: Ken Akamatsu

UQ Holder 3

Ken Akamatsu


Negi Springfield, the boy wizard of the hit manga Negima!, fought and won many battles. Now it is decades later and Negi's grandson(!), a little boy name Touta, dreams of leaving his quiet village and heading to the City.

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Book Cover Image. Title: Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc, Vol. 2, Author: Ryohgo Narita

Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc, Vol. 2

Ryohgo Narita


The Yellow Scarves are threatened when an unknown individual infiltrates their hideout. Just when the Yellow Scarves have their quarry cornered, the Headless Rider, urban legend of Ikebukuro, comes to her rescue. The incident leaves the entire neighborhood unsettled once again...

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Book Cover Image. Title: PandoraHearts, Vol. 22, Author: Jun Mochizuki

PandoraHearts, Vol. 22

Jun Mochizuki


Where in the world are you? This question is posed to Oz Vessalius once more. After overcoming the chains of infinite despair that bind him, the answer at which he arrives becomes a blinding light, piercing through the jet-black darkness.

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