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NOOK for Android

Your favorite reads - optimized for Android. See why Computerworld calls it,
"A must-have for avid readers."

  • Choose from over 3 million books, magazines, newspapers, comics, graphic novels & manga*
  • Read book samples for free and discover your next read before signing in
  • Automatically sync your last page, bookmarks & notes with other devices
  • Get NOOK notifications about great deals and recommendations on books, magazines and more

Recent Updates

April 1, 2014
Required System:
Android OS 2.2 and higher
What's New:
  • Bigger magazine savings
  • Notifications about great deals
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Quickly browse all the items in your library.
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Start reading in seconds. Sign in or create an account from your phone or tablet.
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Easily page through your favorite magazines.
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Enjoy interactive comics, digital graphic novels & manga in stunning color.
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Customize your reading by adjusting fonts, setting margins, and highlighting passages.
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