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$89 Wi-Fi
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NOOK & NOOK Color Support
Just-Like-Paper Reading Experience

NOOK's best-in-class E Ink® display is easy on the eyes, with text as crisp and clear as a printed page. The 16-level gray scale display offers great contrast with no glare or backlight so you can read with ease, even in bright sunlight.

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Over 2 Million Titles — Just a Touch Away

Browse and buy from our extensive collection of over 2 million books, including more than a million free titles and most books priced at $9.99 or less. All books can be sampled for free and then downloaded wirelessly, just seconds after you buy.

Endless Shelf Space

With 2GB of memory, NOOK stores up to 1,500 books, magazines and newspapers. Need even more space? Just slip in a memory card. It's an entire library light enough to take with you everywhere, so you'll never be without your favorites.

Read for Days

Reading a book you just can't put down? With NOOK's extra-long battery life, you won't have to. NOOK lets you read for up to 10 days, without ever having to re-charge. So grab that 800-page book you've been daring to take on - with NOOK you've got the power.

NEW! Stay in Sync Across Multiple Devices

Automatically sync the last page you read on your NOOK or NOOK app with another. For instance, if you stop reading on a certain page on your NOOK, you'll automatically open to the same exact place on your iPad, iPhone or Android-based smartphone using our FREE NOOK apps.

NEW! Stay Organized with "My Shelves"

Create, name and organize shelves in "My B&N Library" and "My Documents" in "My Shelves". For instance, you can put all your cookbooks on one shelf, all your spy novels on another shelf, for quick and easy access.

NEW! Password Protect Your NOOK

Your NOOK can now be secured in two ways to prevent unauthorized use. First – you can set up your NOOK to lock when it goes into sleep mode, then unlock it with a pass code. Second – you can require a password to purchase content, so others using your NOOK cannot buy anything without your permission.

Sample Books For Free

Try before you buy. Download free samples of books we sell to discover new authors and check out today's most talked about books. Find something you like? It's easy to buy and download the titles you want in seconds.

Reading Now Button

The Reading Now button is your virtual bookmark. With a tap, NOOK will bring you back to the last book you've read, right where you left off. So go ahead and lose yourself in your latest book - NOOK will make sure you never lose your place.

Exclusive LendMe™ Technology

NOOK's exclusive LendMe™ technology lets you share favorite books with friends. LendMe™ books can be lent for up to 14 days. Just choose the book you want to share and send it to your friend's NOOK, computer, or handheld device enabled with NOOK software.

Easy-To-Use Color Navigation Panel

NOOK's color touch navigation panel makes using your NOOK intuitive and simple. Created to work seamlessly with the E Ink® display, you can browse the colorful book covers, then select and shop for books quickly and easily . Use your finger to swipe through titles and tap open your next read.

Stylish Accessories

Don't forget to keep your NOOK safe and looking good! Choose from our stylish array of NOOK covers and accessories, designed by such renowned brands as kate spade new york, JACK SPADE, Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer.

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More In Store™

Visit any Barnes & Noble store, turn on your NOOK, and delight in the special offers and content that pop up on your screen. Use the free Wi-Fi® while you're there, and enjoy free exclusive content from leading authors, special discounts and more.

Read In Store™

Drop into any Barnes & Noble with your NOOK in hand and get complimentary Wi-Fi® to browse our NOOKbook Store. While you're there, you can read books on your NOOK for free, for up to 1 hour per day. So just settle into the café and enjoy!

Have a Little Fun

Play chess against NOOK with one of 3 levels of difficulty or take on a game of Sudoku, choosing from 4 levels of play. Control the game using the color touch navigation panel, while a crisp, clear game board appears on the E-Ink® display.

Get Free Wi-Fi®

NOOK connects via any Wi-Fi® network, including fast and free access at all Barnes & Noble stores and more than 20 thousand AT&T® hotspots, like hotels, restaurants and more. Or choose NOOK 3G and get anytime, anywhere access with no monthly fees.

Browse The Web

Connect via any Wi-Fi® network and explore the Web using NOOK's basic web browser. You can check email, send a note or do a quick Google® search using the virtual keyboard on our gorgeous color touch navigation panel.

Built-In Merriam-Webster Collegiate® Dictionary

NOOK lets you highlight any word from the book you are reading and look it up instantly in its built-in dictionary. Thinking about another word you may have come across? Just type it in and look it up. It's the definition of convenience!


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Pre-Order Books

Can't wait to get your hands on that latest sequel? Books that are available for pre-order are also included in the NOOKbook Store, so you can get new titles as soon as they're released.