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    • 1. Part 1: Get Some
    • In the opener of this seven-part miniseries about an elite Marine unit in the first weeks of the Iraq War, the diverse members of the First Recon Battalion await orders to invade at Camp Mathilda in Kuwait in 2003. Based on the book by Evan Wright, a reporter who was embedded with the unit as they crossed the border.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 7/13/2008

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    • 2. Part 2: The Cradle of Civilization
    • With the invasion of Iraq now in full swing, Sgt. Colbert tries to keep his unit focused. First Recon Marines adjust to shifting attack plans while anticipating their first contact with the enemy in Nasiriyah and Al Gharraf.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 7/20/2008

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    • 3. Part 3: Screwby
    • The "Godfather" orders Bravo Company to travel 40 kilometers to secure an Iraqi airfield believed to be controlled by the Republican Guard, in advance of British paratroopers. But the mission is marred by a "friendly fire" attack on a supply convoy and Trombley's overzealous reaction to a change in the rules of engagement, which results in a desperate request being sent up the chain of command.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 7/27/2008

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    • 4. Part 4: Combat Jack
    • Grumbling in the ranks about the abandoned supply truck occupies time to kill at the captured airfield, but Bravo is soon on the move again, heading north, clearing villages and setting up a roadblock outside Al Hayy. Meanwhile, Alpha is ordered to find the body of a marine in Al Shatra, but their mission is delayed by a CIA operation.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 8/3/2008

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    • 5. Part 5: A Burning Dog
    • Despite an armored division's punishing response to 1st Recon's intelligence-gathering about an ambush-in-waiting at a strategic bridge, Bravo still meets stiff resistance while making several attempts to cross it; a survey of the battlefield prompts more questions than answers about the enemy; a roadblock in Al Muwaffiqiyah tests the Marines' ever-changing rules of engagement.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 8/10/2008

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    • 6. Part 6: Stay Frosty
    • Outside of Al Kut, Captain America is over-eager in his attempts to subdue a prisoner, while his men's growing disillusionment with his command is growing more apparent.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 8/17/2008

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    • 7. Part 7: Bomb in the Garden
    • In the series finale, Bravo arrives in Baghdad, where they do their best to address a restless population's concerns about food, water, medicine and electricity shortages. Meanwhile, a departing Scribe discusses recent events with the Godfather, and tempers flare during a football game at an abandoned Iraqi army base.

      Runtime: 60 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 8/24/2008

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