Hot in Cleveland: Season 3 [NOOK Video]

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Season Runtime: 8 hours 42 minutes

Available to watch on:
  • NOOK HD or HD+, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7 or 10.1
  • NOOK Video App for iPad and iPhone, Android, Roku, NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color


    • 1. Elka's Choice
    • After her allegedly dead husband Bobby (Don Rickles) interrupts her wedding, Elka must choose between him, Max (Carl Reiner) & Fred (Buck Henry). Victoria reaps the benefits of her accidental marriage to Joy…on national television.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 11/30/2011

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    • 2. Beards
    • Victoria is invited to speak on an A-list gay cruise and brings Melanie, Joy and Elka with her. On the cruise, Melanie runs into her estranged sister while Joy and Victoria, posing as a lesbian couple, face temptation upon meeting the ship's sexy captain.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 12/7/2011

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    • 3. Funeral Crashers
    • When the drycleaners lose Melanie's favorite dress, Elka takes them funeral crashing to track it down. Joy and Victoria are forced to face their pasts and Elka is reunited with someone who might be part of her future: Roy (John Mahoney).

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 12/14/2011

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    • 4. Happy Fat
    • Melanie, Joy, and Victoria give their Cleveland neighbors a makeover while Elka tries to keep up with the fast-paced life involved in dating a younger man, Roy (John Mahoney).

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 12/21/2011

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    • 5. One Thing Or A Mother
    • The ladies throw a dinner party to remedy their unfortunate date dilemmas: Joy's dating a man of indeterminate age, Victoria's seeing a hand model (Sean Hayes), Melanie's guy regrettably resembles Winnie the Pooh and Roy's (John Mahoney) mom hates Elka.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 12/28/2011

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    • 6. How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?
    • While waiting in line for the bathroom at a Cleveland sports game, Melanie, Joy, and Victoria tell Elka the story of how they met in Los Angeles in the ‘80s.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 1/4/2012

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    • 7. Two Girls and a Rhino
    • When Joy and Elka learn that their combined scents is an aphrodisiac for the nearly extinct Black Rhinos, they're forced to live together at the Cleveland zoo until the species is saved. Victoria dates a janitor while Melanie dates a Senator.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 1/11/2012

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    • 8. God and Football
    • On Elka's (and Betty White's) 90th birthday, Melanie takes her to the Browns locker room and ends up dating the kicker (Dan Cortese). Joy and Elka get some surprising medical news. And after a near-death experience Victoria's convinced that Elka is God.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 1/18/2012

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    • 9. Love Is Blind
    • Victoria's daughter Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is back for a visit with some very surprising news – she's engaged to Melanie's son Will (Joe Jonas)! Joy's dating a blind man who thinks she's 26 and Elka is prank-calling a certain Yankee third baseman.

      Runtime: 21 minutes Rating: Original Air Date: 1/25/2012

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