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10 Turkeys in the Road

10 Turkeys in the Road

by Brenda Reeves Sturgis, David Slonim (Illustrator)

A fun counting book about 1 turkeys who won’t get out of the road


A fun counting book about 1 turkeys who won’t get out of the road

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Vicki Foote
A farmer driving a pickup truck is blocked by ten turkeys standing in the road with an odd assortment of circus paraphernalia. What will he do? He beeps his horn and one turkey flies away, but there are still nine turkeys in the road. The farmer flashes his lights, and another turkey flies away. The turkeys perform some circus acts as all this continues, and the farmer does whatever he can to get rid of them. In this rhyming story, each turkey flies away one at a time as the countdown continues until they are all gone, but not entirely. The turkeys sneak into the truck and yell to the farmer, who is now sitting by the side of the road, to come see the show. The turkeys take off in the truck, and the farmer is stranded until some pigs come along in a car and ask him if he needs a ride. They go to the circus, and he finds that the turkeys are all performing and using his truck in their balancing act. Splashy and colorful illustrations emphasize the fun of the story. Rhyming verses of four lines to each page and amusing illustrations make this a good book to read aloud. Children should have fun learning to count backwards in this lively little story. Reviewer: Vicki Foote
Kirkus Reviews

Counting down with goofy gobblers—and a delightful final surprise.

One turkey carries a giant pole, another examines his clown nose in a mirror, others lug boxes and swing mallets. All are hard at work—"Ten turkeys blocked the road / one hot and hazy day." A poker-faced farmer in a truck drives up—"A pickup screeched. A farmer beeped. / One turkey flew away." And so it goes, turkeys setting up for what looks like a circus and the frustrated farmer waiting for his chance to drive through. Big busy double-page spreads add to the antic action; seven turkeys surround the truck and shoot it full of silly string—"The farmer shook his fist and yelled. / One turkey flew away." Turkeys are also swinging on trapezes, being shot out of cannons, juggling bowling balls and bales of hay. With only one turkey to go, it looks like the farmer will finally be on his way, but then all 10 make off with his truck. Luckily, he catches a ride in a bright blue Volkswagen full of pigs, who take him to the big turkey circus. Ta-da! The turkey tableaux are deliriously silly, and, of course, more appropriate all around than 10 little Indians. Slonim's bright acrylics amp the loopiness of Sturgis' verses.

A cute combo sure to bring many smiles. (Picture book. 3-5)

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