The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

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by Brian Tracy

ISBN-10: 1576751074

ISBN-13: 9781576751077

Pub. Date: 06/01/2000

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Brian Tracy has traveled and worked in more than 30 countries, studying business, economics, philosophy, psychology, history, and entrepreneurship. The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success is based on those years of study and provides a wide-ranging view of the things that make some businesses — and lives — work, and others fail. The author…  See more details below


Brian Tracy has traveled and worked in more than 30 countries, studying business, economics, philosophy, psychology, history, and entrepreneurship. The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success is based on those years of study and provides a wide-ranging view of the things that make some businesses — and lives — work, and others fail. The author provides a wealth of practical advice distilled into 100 easy-to-follow laws covering the major areas of work and business, such as leadership, money, economics, selling, negotiating, and time management. He includes numerous examples to show how each law functions in the real world and practical guidance on applying it to one's life and work.

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Table of Contents

About the Authorxv
Introduction--Success Is Predictable1
Chapter 1The Laws of Life11
1.The Law of Cause and Effect14
2.The Law of Belief17
3.The Law of Expectations19
4.The Law of Attraction21
5.The Law of Correspondence23
Chapter 2The Laws of Success27
6.The Law of Control32
7.The Law of Accident35
8.The Law of Responsibility37
9.The Law of Direction40
10.The Law of Compensation47
11.The Law of Service48
12.The Law of Applied Effort52
13.The Law of Overcompensation54
14.The Law of Preparation57
15.The Law of Forced Efficiency59
16.The Law of Decision61
17.The Law of Creativity64
18.The Law of Flexibility67
19.The Law of Persistence70
Chapter 3The Laws of Business73
20.The Law of Purpose78
21.The Law of Organization80
22.The Law of Customer Satisfaction81
23.The Law of the Customer85
24.The Law of Quality89
25.The Law of Obsolescence93
26.The Law of Innovation96
27.The Law of Critical Success Factors97
28.The Law of the Market101
29.The Law of Specialization104
30.The Law of Differentiation106
31.The Law of Segmentation108
32.The Law of Concentration110
33.The Law of Excellence113
Chapter 4The Laws of Leadership117
34.The Law of Integrity121
35.The Law of Courage123
36.The Law of Realism126
37.The Law of Power129
38.The Law of Ambition133
39.The Law of Optimism135
40.The Law of Empathy138
41.The Law of Resilience140
42.The Law of Independence141
43.The Law of Emotional Maturity143
44.The Law of Superb Execution144
45.The Law of Foresight146
Chapter 5The Laws of Money149
46.The Law of Abundance155
47.The Law of Exchange157
48.The Law of Capital160
49.The Law of Time Perspective163
50.The Law of Saving166
51.The Law of Conservation169
52.Parkinson's Law170
53.The Law of Three172
54.The Law of Investing175
55.The Law of Compound Interest178
56.The Law of Accumulation180
57.The Law of Magnetism182
58.The Law of Accelerating Acceleration185
Chapter 6The Laws of Selling189
59.The Law of Sales193
60.The Law of Determination197
61.The Law of Need199
62.The Law of Problems202
63.The Law of Persuasion204
64.The Law of Security206
65.The Law of Risk208
66.The Law of Trust210
67.The Law of Relationships213
68.The Law of Friendship216
69.The Law of Positioning217
70.The Law of Perspective219
71.The Law of Advance Planning221
72.The Law of Perverse Motivation224
Chapter 7The Laws of Negotiating227
73.The Universal Law of Negotiating232
74.The Law of Futurity234
75.The Law of Win-Win or No Deal235
76.The Law of Unlimited Possibilities238
77.The Law of Four240
78.The Law of Timing242
79.The Law of Terms245
80.The Law of Anticipation248
81.The Law of Authority250
82.The Law of Reversal251
83.The Law of Greater Power253
84.The Law of Desire258
85.The Law of Reciprocity259
86.The Walk Away Law262
87.The Law of Finality264
Chapter 8The Laws of Time Management267
88.The Law of Clarity271
89.The Law of Priorities273
90.The Law of Posteriorities274
91.The Law of the Most Valuable Asset275
92.The Law of Planning277
93.The Law of Rewards279
94.The Law of Sequentiality280
95.The Law of Leverage282
96.The Law of Timeliness283
97.The Law of Practice285
98.The Law of Time Pressure286
99.The Law of Single Handling288
100.The Law of Competence290
Conclusion--Start Now!293
Learning Resources of Brian Tracy International297
Recommended Reading307

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The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has many good ideas from multiple sources all combined into one. Yes, he does 'borrow' many of his ideas from other books, such as Win-win or No deal from Steven R. Covey's book. But there are some good ideas and some concrete suggestions for doing something constructive.f
Guest More than 1 year ago
great book, many exellent points, makes you want to take notes on each chapter. A must read!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great book for someone who doesn't have time or want to read a lot about how to have more business success. It will probably be most appealing to people in their 20s who are trying to make some sense out of how to get ahead, but don't have much education or experience on the subject. Tracy has taken one or more ideas (usually without attribution) from almost every good business book in the last 20 years, and turned them into a list of 100 ideas. Now a 100 ideas sounds like a lot. You should know that Tracy often breaks them into subsets, so the total is really somewhere between 300 and 400 ideas. You'll really feel loaded down before he's done sharing with you. They are all about positive thinking, exchanging value for value, and being persistent. Ben Franklin would approve of the emphasis on improvement. For example, the first set of laws are about Life -- and they read pretty much like a modern version of Think and Grow Rich. Two things bothered me about the book. One was the lack of attribution (except for a list of books at the end). For example, Tracy says that the purpose of a business is to create a customer -- perhaps Peter Drucker's single most famous quote, but you look in vain for quotation marks or a reference to Drucker. The book that Drucker said it in (Management) is not cited in the bibliography. The second thing that bothers me is that in some places Tracy is a little behind the curve. In the Dell-like Internet world, products and service can be customized for each person and that will be the wave of the future. Tracy still talks about segmenting customers rather than individualizing for each customer. So you might ask, why should I read this book? Frankly, it's because you probably won't read all of those books in his bibliography. This way, you'll at least get Tracy's take on what all of this means.