100% British Mod (2 CD)

100% British Mod (2 CD)


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Captain Mod


Disc 1

  1. Blood Spattered With Guitars  -  Accidents
  2. One Way Street
  3. Can We Go Dancing
  4. Mary Jane
  5. They're Back Again
  6. Circles  -  Circles
  7. When the Lights Go Out
  8. No Vacancies
  9. Modern Boys  -  Crooks
  10. Choose You  -  Deadbeats
  11. Three Bands Tonite  -  Directions
  12. The Fashion Plague  -  Exits
  13. The Kids Just Wanna Dance
  14. You
  15. Statik Motion
  16. Why Should It Happen to Me
  17. Nobody Loves Me  -  Letters
  18. 1970's Boy  -  Letters
  19. Back on the Beach Again
  20. Fuck Art Let's Dance  -  Name

Disc 2

  1. I Saw Her With Another Guy  -  Nightriders
  2. Saturday Night
  3. Plane Crash  -  Purple Hearts
  4. I Believe You
  5. Soho
  6. Wild About You  -  Same
  7. Hey Girl
  8. You Can Do It  -  Scoop
  9. Sema 4 Messages  -  Sema 4
  10. First Impressions  -  Small World
  11. Know What I Want
  12. Livin' in the City  -  Squire
  13. One Out All Out  -  Straight Up
  14. One Step Ahead  -  Stripes
  15. I've Got Me Parka  -  Sussed
  16. I Apologise
  17. Just a Little Mod
  18. Bank Holiday
  19. Just Can't Let You Go
  20. East Coast Kids  -  What

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steve Taylor   Bass,Vocals
Paul Sullivan   Drums
Steve Jones   Guitar
Paul Smith   Harmonica,Vocals
Jack Martin   Vocals
Name   Track Performer
Accidents   Track Performer
Crooks   Track Performer
Christopher Dean   Guitar,Vocals
Directions   Track Performer
Jedrez Dmochowski   Vocals
Steve Gibson   Guitar
Keith Moon   Vocals
Purple Hearts   Track Performer
Michael Cohen   Bass
Nightriders   Track Performer
Keith Allen   Drums
Steve Baker   Guitar
Edward Ball   Vocals
Dave Barnard   Bass
Chris Broderick   Bass
Richard Bull   Guitar
Dave Green   Guitar
Deadbeats   Track Performer
Stuart Green   Drums
Bobby Guidotti   Drums
John Holiday   Bass
John Holliday   Bass
Nick Jackson   Vocals
Bill Johnston   Bass
John Jones   Guitar
John Beverly Jones   Guitar
Paul Lewis   Vocals
Robert Manton   Vocals
Steve Marsh   Guitar,Track Performer
Stuart Matthewman   Guitar,Saxophone
George Mazur   Drums
Damian Paul   Drums
Martin Paul   Vocals
Jeff Shadbolt   Bass
Nick Smith   Bass,Vocals
Gary Sparks   Drums
Simon Stebbing   Guitar
Paul "Wix" Wickens   Keyboards
Stripes   Track Performer
Tony Burke   Guitar,Vocals
Squire   Track Performer
Richard Beechey   Vocals
Colin Brockwell   Drums
Ross Di'Lando   Drums
Steve Durkin   Vocals
Enzo Esposito   Bass
Tom Francis   Guitar
Tony Howells   Guitar
Mel Jefferson   Bass
Kelv   Drums
Sam Leyland   Vocals
Bill McKewon   Bass
Tony Painting   Guitar
Adam Palmer   Drums
Stephen Rawlings   Bass
Adrian Riggs   Guitar
Rob Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Tannett   Guitar,Vocals
Glenn Tranter   Bass
Graham Tyers   Drums
Sussed   Track Performer
Circles   Track Performer
Amber Squad   Track Performer
Cigarettes   Track Performer
Same   Track Performer
Geno Buckmaster   Guitar
John Clarkson   Keyboards
Gary Hurley   Drums
Steve Martinez   Drums
Guy Morley   Guitar
Tony Perfect   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Shurey   Drums
Micky Sparrow   Drums
Colin Swan   Bass,Vocals
Terry Tonik   Track Performer
Dan Treacy   Bass
Andrew Clark   Drums
Exits   Track Performer
Justin Case   Track Performer
Mick Moore   Guitar
V.I.P.'s   Track Performer
Martin Wilson   Bass
Killermeters   Track Performer
Reputations   Track Performer
Run 229   Track Performer
Scene   Track Performer
Small World   Track Performer
Teenage Filmstars   Track Performer
Vandells   Track Performer
Mark Allen   Vocals
Tim Parry   Guitar,Vocals
Brian Lee   Drums
Ed Ball   Vocals
Tony Dyson   Drums
Andrew Scott   Bass
Mike Todd   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Price   Bass
Bill Francis   Drums
John Griffin   Drums
John Jones   Guitar
Dave Alucard   Bass
David "Jock" Marston   Bass,Vocals
Noe Martin   Drums
Terry Ruffle   Guitar,Vocals
Stephen Seymour   Vocals
Charlie Casey   Bass,Vocals
Ian Cook   Guitar
Paul Fairey   Guitar,Vocals
Marcus Vandell   Vocals
Anthony Mayberry   Guitar
Anthony Meynall   Vocals
Steve Taylor   Bass,Vocals
What   Track Performer
Scoop   Track Performer
Mark B. Allen   Vocals
Paul Smith   Harmonica,Vocals
John Burke   Keyboards
Ian Graham   Guitar
Blackbyrd McKnight   Vocals
Noel Martin   Drums
Steve Murray   Vocals
Kevin Reed   Drums
Jimmy Grant   Bass
Cpl. Ian Harding   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Maccoll   Drums
John Wratten   Guitar
John Turner   Drums
Stephen Jones   Guitar
Ross Di Landa   Drums
Ian James   Bass
Sema 4   Track Performer
Steve "Steev" Taylor   Bass,Vocals
Vic Szczesnowicz   Vocals
Chris Dean   Guitar,Vocals
Paul "Scooby" Smith   Harmonica,Vocals
Steve Peel   Guitar
Joan Foster   Guitar
Matthew Broad   Drums
Dave Colton   Bass
Mark Reynolds   Drums
Ray Bibby   Drums
Nick Carr   Bass
Martyn Clapson   Guitar
Geoff Hardaker   Drums
Craig Hilton   Guitar
Sam Hodgkin   Vocals
Graham Jessop   Drums
Mike Lodge   Bass,Vocals
Peter Mackender   Bass
Ben McKnight   Vocals
Robert Miller   Guitar
Dean Moriarty   Piano
Stuart Murray   Bass
Chris Philpott   Vocals
Mick Taylor   Guitar,Vocals
Mick Walker   Guitar,Vocals
Aces   Track Performer
James Morris   Bass

Technical Credits

Steve Taylor   Composer
Edward Ball   Composer
Mark Brennan   Liner Notes
Richard Bull   Composer
Paul Lewis   Composer
Robert Manton   Composer
Steve Marsh   Composer
Martin Murray   Producer
Simon Stebbing   Composer
Tony Burke   Composer
Steve Durkin   Composer
Rob Smith   Composer
Geno Buckmaster   Composer
John Clarkson   Composer
Gary Hurley   Composer
Colin Swan   Composer
Vandells   Composer
Tim Parry   Composer
Dave Alucard   Composer
Terry Ruffle   Composer
Stephen Seymour   Composer
Howlett Peter Smith   Composer
Charlie Casey   Composer
Ian Cook   Composer
Paul Fairey   Composer
Anthony Meynall   Composer
Arteleus Mistric   Composer
M. Walker   Composer
Ian Graham   Composer
Steven Murray   Composer
J. Jones   Composer
Vic Szczesnowicz   Composer
Ben McKnight   Composer
Mick Taylor   Composer

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