100% British Ska

100% British Ska


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Big Eye Music


Disc 1

  1. Pink Slippers
  2. Spyderman
  3. Smart Boy
  4. Blue Lagoon
  5. Shuffle Shuffle
  6. Trendy
  7. I Like Bluebeat
  8. Movie Stars
  9. Oh!
  10. Wooly Bully
  11. We Are the Gangsters
  12. The Dambusters March
  13. Lovers RockLover's Rock
  14. Ska Fever
  15. Play My Record
  16. Sooty Is a Rudie
  17. Yesterday Man
  18. Dread in My Bed
  19. On One But You
  20. High Flyer

Disc 2

  1. How Many More?
  2. Reggae on the Radio
  3. Breaking up New Ground
  4. In the Midnight Hour
  5. Fiddleing While Babylon Burns
  6. Getting Beaten Up
  7. Plastic Gansters
  8. Phoenix City
  9. Never Gonna Lose Me
  10. Let's Twist Again
  11. Time Is Tight
  12. You Don't Know Like I Know
  13. (I'm A) Road Runner
  14. Yes Yes Yes
  15. Twice
  16. Odd Man Out
  17. Shooting
  18. To the Top
  19. Ska Trekking
  20. Kidding Stops

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Stevie B   Keyboards,Saxophone
Ak Band   Track Performer
Nic Potter   Bass
Tigers   Track Performer
Judge Dread   Track Performer
Thrillers   Track Performer
Peter Abbott   Snare Drums
Pete Dobson   Snare Drums
Bob Grover   Guitar,Vocals
Norman Haines   Vocals
Johnny Helmer   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Jacks   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Kelly   Saxophone
Russell Lax   Snare Drums
Stuart Matthewman   Guitar,Saxophone
Ross McGeeney   Guitar
Matthew Newman   Vocals
Damian Paul   Snare Drums
Fred Reynolds   Bass
Dick Slexia   Snare Drums
Colin Smith   Bass
Roland Gift   Saxophone,Vocals
Cairo   Track Performer
Colin Brockwell   Snare Drums
Sam Leyland   Vocals
Bill McKewon   Bass
Nick Stewart   Guitar
Case   Track Performer
Teenage Filmstars   Track Performer
Marc Adams   Bass
Andy Jones   Guitar
Michael Roberts   Guitar
Pat Walsh   Synthesizer,Guitar
Perry White   Piano
Ammonites   Track Performer
Plastic Gangsters   Track Performer
Akrylykz   Track Performer
Army   Track Performer
Neil Pyzer   Saxophone
Zoot Alors   Saxophone
Russell Greenwood   Snare Drums
Hoxton Tom   Bass
Arthur Kay   Keyboards,Vocals,Track Performer
Tom Mills   Bass
Johnny Ak   Guitar,Vocals
Gary Hitchcock   Vocals
Reginald Fredrick Hornsbury   Bass
John Wilkinson   Guitar,Keyboards
Phil Morrison   Vocals
Jim Simpson   Trumpet
Ian Clifford   Snare Drums
Paul Kehoe   Bass
John Bassett   Snare Drums
Brod Baughan   Snare Drums
Rick Blair   Guitar,Vocals
Rob Brook   Guitar
Nick Cola   Keyboards
Jay Derrick   Keyboards
Jonathan Dewsbury   Keyboards
Dave Doleval   Snare Drums
Micky Donnelly   Saxophone
Bev Doyle   Guitar
Andy Dummett   Keyboards,Saxophone
Harry Fitzsimons   Bass
John Fitzsimons   Guitar,Vocals
Derwent   Snare Drums
Ted Maitland   Organ
Hazel Marie   Vocals
Norman Marsh   Snare Drums
Paul Mlynarz   Saxophone
Paul Moonash   Saxophone
Colin Murray   Bass
Labelmates   Vocals
Pharaohs   Track Performer
Ray King   Vocals
Step Morley   Bass
Original   Track Performer
Parrots   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Mark Brennan   Liner Notes
Bob Lamb   Producer
Ross McGeeney   Sound Effects
George Marshall   Liner Notes

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