100% Driving

100% Driving


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Decadance Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Deepest Blue  -  Deepest Blue
  2. Destination Calabria  - Alex Gaudino
  3. Feel Good  -  Phats & Small
  4. Make a Move On Me  - Joey Negro
  5. Just the Way You Are  -  Milky
  6. The Key The Secret  -  Urban Cookie Collective
  7. Get Dumb  -  Axwell & Angello
  8. Your Love  -  Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle
  9. Promised Land  - Joe Smooth
  10. You Should Be  -  Blockster
  11. Bel Amour  -  Bel Amour
  12. What I Want  -  Bob Sinclar & Fireball
  13. Umbrella  -  Steve Agnello & Sebastian Ingrosso
  14. Ravor  - Tom Maddicot
  15. Pump Up the Jam  -  D.O.N.S.
  16. Cheap Thrills  -  Herve & Plastic Little
  17. Smash And Grab  -  Burn The Negative
  18. Same Man  -  Till West & DJ Delicious
  19. Getting Into You  -  W.O.S.P.
  20. Sunlight  - DJ Sammy

Disc 2

  1. 21st Century  -  Weekend Players
  2. Don't Mess With My Man  -  Booty Luv
  3. My Life  -  Chanél
  4. Love Can't Turn Around  - Farley Jackmaster Funk
  5. The Real Life  -  Raven Maize
  6. PATT (Party All the Time)  -  Sharam
  7. Happy People  - Static Revenger
  8. Friday Saturday Love  -  Hoxton Whores
  9. A Bit Patchy  -  Switch
  10. Man With the Red Face  - Mark Knight
  11. Love Crazy  - Tara McDonald
  12. All This Love That I'm Giving  - Leah McRae
  13. Take Me to Space  -  Tomorrow People
  14. Carnival  -  Tom EQ
  15. Keep This Fire Burning  -  Outsiders & Amanda Wilson
  16. Good As Gold  -  Petter & the Pix
  17. Don't Go  -  Starting Rock & Diva Avari
  18. La La La  -  Christian Hoff & Lily McKenzie
  19. Rip Groove  -  Double 99
  20. Love Shy (Thinking About You)  -  Platnum

Disc 3

  1. Nothing But a Heartache  -  Freemasons
  2. This Time Around  -  Phats & Small
  3. Something Good  -  Utah Saints
  4. Everybody's Free  -  Rozalla
  5. Trip to Trumpton  -  Urban Hype
  6. I Got This Feeling  -  Baby Bumps
  7. Happiness Happening  -  Lost Witness
  8. Rise Up  - Yves Larock
  9. It's Gonna Happen  - Maxine Hardcastle
  10. Standing Up for the Lonely  - Jessie Malakouti
  11. Disco Sirens  -  Midfield General & Vila
  12. Today We See Colour  -  Sirenna
  13. Get Down Again  -  Malibu Sneakers
  14. Corrected  -  Mason & Dmc
  15. Aside From U  - Greg Churchill
  16. Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But the Rent  -  7th Heaven & Katherine Ellis
  17. You Make Me Feel  - Anna Grace
  18. Do You Mind  -  Kyla & Crazy Cousinz
  19. Come On Y'all  -  Rhythm Masters
  20. The Weekend's Here  -  Shut Up & Dance

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Victoria Wilson-James   Vocals
Julian Crampton   Bass
Laidback Luke   Percussion
Sharam   Keyboards
Brian Higgins   Keyboards
Sydney   Vocals
Axwell   Drums
Antoine   Vocals
Kevin Brooks   Guitar
Christian Hoff   Keyboards
Lisa Millett   Vocals
Fred Falke   Keyboards
Richard Adlam   Background Vocals
Marie José Van Der Kolk   Vocals
Sacha Collisson   Keyboards
Lee Dagger   Keyboards
Steve Angello   Keyboards
Matt Gray   Bass
Sebastian Ingrosso   Vocals
Jaba   Vocals
Kayjay   Vocals
Amanda Wilson   Vocals
Hal Ritson   Background Vocals
Miranda Cooper   Keyboards
Bimbo Jones   Keyboards
Tom Mills   Guitar
Diva Avari   Vocals
Jason Resch   Guitar
Wes Clarke   Keyboards
Tim Powell   Keyboards
Steve M. Smith   Background Vocals
Lily McKenzie   Vocals
Marty   Rap
Tohamy Bustani   Guitar

Technical Credits

Gwen Guthrie   Composer,Producer
Paul Hardcastle   Producer
Michael Jackson   Composer
Patrice Rushen   Composer
Luther Vandross   Composer
Joe Smooth   Producer
Double 99   Composer,Producer
Frankie Knuckles   Composer,Producer
Utah Saints   Producer
Urban Hype   Producer
Afrika Bambaataa   Composer
Ed Barton   Composer
Ganiyu Bello   Vocal Producer
Wayne Bickerton   Composer
Vince Clarke   Composer
Isaac Hayes   Composer
Manuela Kamosi   Composer
Ali Shaheed Muhammad   Composer
Matt Noble   Composer
Gilbert O'Sullivan   Composer
Dave Parkinson   Producer
Alexander Richbourg   Composer,Producer
Jesse Saunders   Producer
Matt Schwartz   Composer
Rod Temperton   Composer
Laurent Garnier   Composer
Libby McLaren   Composer
Raphael Saadiq   Composer
Tim Cox   Composer,Producer
Billy Mann   Composer
Duke Mushroom   Additional Production
Dawn Robinson   Composer
Richard Searle   Engineer
Farley Jackmaster Funk   Producer
James Wiltshire   Producer
Alan Jinx Chamberlain   Composer
Maxine Hardcastle   Composer
Dawn Tallman   Composer
Brandon Block   Producer
Freshmaka   Additional Production
Laidback Luke   Composer,Producer
Sharam   Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Nigel Swanston   Composer,Producer
Brian Higgins   Composer,Programming
Gareth Cooke   Composer
Bossi   Producer
Warren Clarke   Composer,Producer
Bob Sinclar   Producer,Re-arranged,Presentation
Agent   Producer,Additional Production
Johan Ekhé   Composer
Fran Sidoli   Producer
Andy Cato   Composer
Rohan Heath   Composer
Alex Gaudino   Producer
Chapter   Producer
Axwell   Composer,Producer
DJ Sammy   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Static Revenger   Producer
Ricky Morrison   Producer
Martin Eyerer   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Edouard de Tricasse   Composer
Kevin Brooks   Engineer
Seamus Haji   Remixing,Additional Production
Christian Hoff   Composer,Producer
Mr.   Producer,Engineer,Remixing,Additional Production
Switch   Producer
Sharam Tayebi   Composer
DJ Delicious   Producer
Craig Dimech   Producer
Damian Harris   Composer,Producer
Xenomania   Composer,Producer
Sam Hollander   Composer
Russell Small   Producer
Franck Keller   Composer,Producer
Brian Walton   Composer
G. Bonnick   Remixing,Additional Production
Sarita Borge   Arranger,Vocal Producer
Ben Cook   Programming,Executive Producer
Fred Falke   Programming
Simon Kemper   Producer
JC Sindress   Composer
Peter Luts   Composer,Producer
Petter Winnberg   Composer,Producer
Dipesh Parmar   Executive Producer
Hedi Banon   Producer
Ben Ofoedu   Composer
G. Trivellato   Composer
Matt Nordstrom   Engineer
Annemie Coenen   Composer
Oliver Laib   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Marie José Van Der Kolk   Composer
Richard Earnshaw   Remixing,Additional Production
Sacha Collisson   Programming
Arndt Meyer-Wegner   Composer
Carl Ryden   Additional Production
Giuliano Sachetto   Composer
Lindstrøm   Composer
Lee Dagger   Arranger,Producer
Steve Angello   Composer,Producer
Eddie Temple-Morris   Composer,Producer
Stefan Bossems   Composer
Greg Churchill   Composer,Producer
Sean Casey   Producer
Mark Beach   Artwork
Sebastian Ingrosso   Composer,Producer
Tom Knott   Engineer
Artie Hoyle   Composer
Funkagenda   Producer
Tara McDonald   Composer
Miranda Cooper   Composer,Programming
Mark Baker   Composer,Producer
Till West   Producer
Bimbo Jones   Arranger,Producer
Raul Rincon   Remixing,Additional Production
Simon Paul   Producer
Mason   Producer
Paul Deighton   Remixing,Additional Production
Paul Emanuel   Remixing,Additional Production
Dedman   Composer,Producer
Pascal Brunkow   Composer
Moratto   Composer
Fireball   Arranger
Mina Poli   Composer
Outsiders   Producer
Aaron Evers   Composer
Charsu   Producer
Lisa Cowling   Composer
Michelle McKenna   Composer
Moto Blanco   Remixing,Additional Production
Jessie Malakouti   Composer
Yvonne Stevens   Composer
Alain Boubill   Composer
Forster   Composer
T. De Quincey   Composer
Joshua Harvey   Producer
Wes Clarke   Programming
Yves Cheminade   Composer,Producer
Stuart McIennan   Composer
Kretzmer   Composer
Pia Colonna   Composer,Producer
Joel Edwards   Composer
Schonberg   Composer
Waddington   Composer
C. Berrier   Composer
I. Chronis   Composer
Wez Clarke   Producer
Mark Knight   Producer
Stephane Tedesco   Producer
Tom Wilson   Composer,Producer
Tim Powell   Programming
Chanel Perry   Composer
Rune Reilly Kolsch   Composer
Terrin Callenderns   Composer
Sam Falson   Composer
Rebecca Rifkin   Composer
Andy Wetson   Composer,Producer
Conesha Monet Owens   Composer
Persi   Composer
Joseph Welbon   Composer
Lily McKenzie   Composer
S. Scarpellini   Composer
Erol Reid   Producer
L. Price   Remixing,Additional Production
Jaba Gawan Seiler   Composer
Robert Bruce Chetcuti   Composer
S.M. Linn   Composer
Marco Palazzo   Remixing,Additional Production
Rizzatti   Composer
Alex Fortunato Gaudino   Composer
Alan Lowes   Engineer
Tom Bellamy   Composer,Producer
Cutee B. Farenheit   Engineer
Chad   Cover Art
B. Dibbden   Composer
Alberto Sansò   Remixing,Additional Production
3MI   Producer
S. Schommer   Composer
Rachael Foster   Composer
M. Chitty   Composer
Jerry Lordam   Composer
Tom Maddicot   Composer,Producer
Scott Langlev   Composer

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