100 Hits: 80's Love

100 Hits: 80's Love


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100 Hits


Disc 1

  1. Stop to Love
  2. Rain or Shine @@Five Star
  3. Waiting for a Star to Fall @@Boy Meets Girl
  4. Every Day (I Love You More)
  5. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) @@Paul Young
  6. Eternal Flame
  7. Time After Time
  8. Sign Your Name @@Terence Trent DArby
  9. See the Day
  10. Anything for You
  11. Islands in the Stream
  12. All Cried Out
  13. Slowhand
  14. Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
  15. Good Thing Going (We've Got a Good Thing Going)
  16. Lovely One @@Jacksons
  17. Sexual Healing
  18. Caravan of Love
  19. All out of Love
  20. When I Fall in Love

Disc 2

  1. Wishing Well @@Terence Trent DArby
  2. Whenever You Need Somebody
  3. Everything Must Change @@Paul Young
  4. Baby Don't Forget My Number
  5. Hold Me Now
  6. Sealed with a Kiss
  7. Cat Amongst the Pigeons @@Bros
  8. Could Have Told You So
  9. 9am (The Comfort Zone)
  10. In and out of Love @@Imagination
  11. I'll Keep on Loving You @@Princess
  12. Bring Down the Moon @@Boy Meets Girl
  13. Cross My Heart @@Eighth Wonder
  14. Now Those Days Are Gone
  15. Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird
  16. Don't Love Me Too Hard @@Nolans
  17. More Than I Can Say
  18. Heartbreaker
  19. Hold Me Now
  20. The Power of Love

Disc 3

  1. Love Plus One @@Haircut One Hundred
  2. The First Picture of You @@Lotus Eaters
  3. (Feels Like) Heaven
  4. Love Is a Wonderful Color
  5. When Love Breaks Down
  6. Dream to Sleep @@H Two O
  7. I Second That Emotion @@Japan
  8. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)
  9. Don't Talk to Me About Love
  10. The Taste of Your Tears @@King
  11. Lay Your Hands on Me
  12. The Promise You Made
  13. True Colors
  14. Find My Love
  15. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  16. Dead Ringer for Love
  17. Broken Wings @@Mister Mister
  18. Keep on Loving You
  19. Rosanna @@Toto
  20. Dreamtime

Disc 4

  1. Come into My Life
  2. Move Closer
  3. So Amazing
  4. How 'bout Us @@Champaign
  5. Show Me the Way
  6. Between the Sheets
  7. Suddenly
  8. Juicy Fruit
  9. If You're Lookin' for a Way Out @@Odyssey
  10. Do What You Do
  11. Shake You Down
  12. Hold Me Tighter in the Rain
  13. Dreaming
  14. Change of Heart @@Change
  15. Body & Soul
  16. After the Love Has Gone @@Princess
  17. Body Talk @@Imagination
  18. You Know How to Love Me
  19. I'm in Love
  20. New York Eyes

Disc 5

  1. Don't Wanna Lose You
  2. All the Love in the World
  3. Taste of Bitter Love
  4. What a Fool Believes
  5. That Ole Devil Called Love
  6. Songbird
  7. What's Another Year
  8. A Love So Beautiful
  9. Till I Loved You
  10. Does She Have a Friend?
  11. Even the Nights Are Better
  12. Can't Fight This Feeling
  13. Through the Barricades
  14. Method of Modern Love
  15. When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
  16. Take That Situation
  17. January February
  18. Gotta Pull Myself Together @@Nolans
  19. Only Crying @@Keith Marshall
  20. Have You Ever Been in Love

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