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100 Multicultural Proverbs: Inspirational Affirmations for Educators / Edition 1

100 Multicultural Proverbs: Inspirational Affirmations for Educators / Edition 1

by Festus E. Obiakor

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ISBN-10: 1412957796

ISBN-13: 9781412957793

Pub. Date: 12/11/2007

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Presents proverbs that can stimulate new ways of thinking, communicating, teaching, and learning, and offers reflection about self-responsibility, collaboration, consultation, spirituality, and general life lessons.


Presents proverbs that can stimulate new ways of thinking, communicating, teaching, and learning, and offers reflection about self-responsibility, collaboration, consultation, spirituality, and general life lessons.

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1. Proverbs That Teach Self-Responsibility
Proverb #1: If Everyone Loves You, You Will Not Know Who Poisoned You
Proverb #2: If You Tell a Tree that You Will Kill It...
Proverb #3: The Rat That Joins the Lizard to Get Wet in the Rain...
Proverb #4: What You’re Looking for Is What You Will Get
Proverb #5: What a Person Does Is in His Heart
Proverb #6: If You’ve Not Reached Where You’re Going, You Should Keep Going
Proverb #7: Eneke the Bird Noted That Since Men Have Learned to...
Proverb #8: Your Intelligence Is Your Handbag, and You Carry It...
Proverb #9: When a Young Man Washes His Hands Properly...
Proverb #10: The Lizard That Fell From the Iroko Tree Said That If...
Proverb #11:The Person Who Blows the Flute Must Sometimes Wipe His Mouth
Proverb #12:The Dog Does Not Chew the Bone That Is Hanging Around Its Neck
Proverb #13: If You Do Not Allow People to Know What Your Size...
Proverb #14: If You Pull a Tree and It Pulls You Back, You Should Leave it Alone
Proverb #15: If One Is Not Careful, What Destroyed His Father Might Destroy Him
Proverb #16: As You Make Your Bed so Will You Lie on It
Proverb #17: If You Try to Wrestle Down Your Father, His Wrapper Will Cover Your Eyes
Proverb #18: When You Chew the Dried Meat, it Fills Up Your Mouth
Proverb #19: You Can Cry All You Want, But You Cannot Cry Out Blood
Proverb #20: Where You Live Is Where You Protect
Proverb #21: Money Is the Beauty of a Man
Proverb #22: It Is Not the Load That Breaks Us Down; It Is the Way We Carry It
Proverb #23: A Good Name Shines in the Dark
Proverb #24: A Person Who Does Not Concede Defeat Is Not a Good Sport
Proverb #25: A Person Who Praises the Rain Has Been Rained On
2. Proverbs That Teach Collaboration and Consultation
Proverb #1: Life Is in the Ears
Proverb #2: To Come and Eat Is Not to Come and Work!
Proverb #3: A Tree Cannot Make a Forest
Proverb #4: When Mother Cow Is Chewing Grass, the Younger Ones Look at Her Mouth
Proverb #5: It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child
Proverb #6: When You Wrestle Someone to the Ground, You Also...
Proverb #7: A Fool Does Not Know That His Brother or Sister Is a Visitor
Proverb #8: The Fly Without an Advisor Follows the Dead Body Into the Grave
Proverb #9: A Gathering of Kinsmen and Kinswomen Is an...
Proverb #10: When Two Elephants Fight, Grasses Suffer
Proverb #11: Laughter Is Just a Matter of Moving Back the Cheek
Proverb #12: A Good Friend Is Better Than a Bad Family Member
Proverb #13: The Tiger’s Cub Does Not Chew Grass
Proverb #14: If You Give Your Mother a Counterfeit Money, You...
Proverb #15: The Person Who Sits Next to Someone Can Easily Smell His Mouth
Proverb #16: The Knife and the Axe Do Not Compete
Proverb #17: You Cannot Climb a Tree Without Support
Proverb #18: Let the Kite and the Eagle Perch and Whichever One...
Proverb #19: The Crazy Person and His Mind Understand
Proverb #20: In My Poverty, Let Not Poverty Befall the Person Who...
Proverb #21: The Child’s Home, Even If It Is Trashy, Is Always a Palace Away From Home
Proverb #22: The Rooster Does Not Forget Who Plucked Its Feathers...
Proverb #23: When the Moon Is Shining, a Person With a Physical...
Proverb #24: When a Child Is Tired of Working, He Resorts to Fighting
Proverb #25: When You Dig a Ditch for Others, You Might Fall in It
3: Proverbs That Teach Spirituality
Proverb #1: If You’re Eating With the Devil, You Must Use a Long Spoon
Proverb #2: If You Fall Down and Do Not Stand Up, Evil Will Take Over
Proverb #3: God Does Not Give You a Load That You Cannot Carry
Proverb #4: Evildoers Are Usually Pursued By Their Own Shadows
Proverb #5: Do Not Put Yourself Where Your Faith Will Fail You
Proverb #6: I Am Holding My Staff and You Are Holding Your...
Proverb #7: The Toughest Head Carries the Masquerade
Proverb #8: Let’s Continue to Sacrifice and Let the Blame Go to the Gods
Proverb #9: God Gives and God Takes
Proverb #10: If You Are Better Than Someone, You Might Be Better...
Proverb #11: No Person Is God
Proverb #12: God Knows the Heart of Everyone
Proverb #13: The Same Mother Delivers the Children, but the Same...
Proverb #14: When You Believe, Your God Will Believe
Proverb #15: God’s Time Is The Best
Proverb #16: You Can Never Become Someone Else’s God
Proverb #17: The Opportunity That God Sends Does Not Wake Up...
Proverb #18: Everyone Has His/Her Own God
Proverb #19: There Is No Partnership Between Good and Evil
Proverb #20: A Person Who Ridicules Good Will Become Overtaken by Evil
Proverb #21: The Fear of God Is Not Based on What We Wear
Proverb #22: A Person Who Trusts in God Lacks Nothing
Proverb #23: A Witch Doctor Does Not Cure Himself
Proverb #24: Where There Are Many People, There God Is
Proverb #25: The Veil Spirit of a Person Is a Person
4. Proverbs That Teach Other Life Lessons
Proverb #1: Nights Have Ears
Proverb #2: As Much as You Love Your Husband, You Will Not Want to be Buried Alive With Him
Proverb #3: When a Poor Person Is Told What It Takes to Be Rich...
Proverb #4: The Frog Does Not Come Out in the Daytime for Nothing
Proverb #5: A Traveler Is More Knowledgeable Than an Aged Person
Proverb #6: The Dying Dog Does Not Smell the Bad Odor
Proverb #7: We Never Go Back to Yesterday
Proverb #8: Patience Is King
Proverb #9: You Do Not Tell the Deaf Person That...
Proverb #10: The Hot Soup Is Usually Licked Slowly
Proverb #11: When the Wind Blows, You See the Chicken’s Buttocks
Proverb #12: Truth Is Life
Proverb #13: Soiled Hands Lead to the Oily Mouth
Proverb #14: The Patient Person Eats the Best Part of the Fish
Proverb #15: All Lizards Are Lying on Their Stomachs, and...
Proverb #16: When the Child’s Sore Is Healed, He Tends to Forget the Pain
Proverb #17: A Child Must Crawl Before Walking
Proverb #18: The Look of a Child Determines If You Will Take Food From Him
Proverb #19: It Does Not Matter How Bad the Yam Is; It Is Still...
Proverb #20: When Dried Bones Are Mentioned, Old People Feel Uneasy
Proverb #21: A Person Who Is Already on the Floor Does Not...
Proverb #22: Tomorrow Is Pregnant; No One Knows What It Might Deliver
Proverb #23: There Is No Use for a Dry Porridge
Proverb #24: As the Cow Gets Older, Its Nostrils Get Bigger
Proverb #25: Anything With a Beginning Must Have an End

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