100% Old Skool

100% Old Skool


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Decadance Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Ruff Neck Bizznizz
  2. Baptised By Dub
  3. Jepron
  4. Let the Rhythm Take Control
  5. Ronnie's Revenge
  6. Rock To the Max
  7. Drive Ya' Crazy
  8. Everybody's Under the Influence
  9. Don't Stop Rocking
  10. Higher Now
  11. Smd#1a
  12. Original Bad Boy
  13. Madness
  14. Ganja Man
  15. Got To Believe
  16. Hear Me
  17. Take Me To the Top
  18. Visions of Light
  19. Why Don't U Give Me
  20. Rhythm

Disc 2

  1. My Own
  2. Do You Want Me
  3. Time of Our Lives
  4. Never Try the Hippodrome
  5. Alpha 1
  6. Put Them by the Bass Bin
  7. Gonna Rock Ya Body
  8. Ruff
  9. R Type
  10. The License
  11. Don't Need Your Love
  12. Ten 44
  13. SMD#2Aa
  14. The Journey
  15. I Need You Now
  16. Ganja Man
  17. Champion Sound
  18. Sunshine
  19. Funky Sensation
  20. My Dance

Disc 3

  1. Desire
  2. Rough Beats
  3. Want Your Love
  4. Breaking Free
  5. Dubplate
  6. In Effect
  7. Above the Clouds
  8. 95 Style
  9. Drop the Bass
  10. Everybody Can Be
  11. Let It Lift You
  12. Can You Feel It
  13. Crowd Control
  14. Hold On
  15. New Sensation
  16. Sunshine
  17. Sample Mania
  18. On Top
  19. Just a Feeling
  20. Positive

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Freestyle   Composer,Producer
DJ Red Alert   Producer
John Fernandez   Composer,Producer
Grant Smith   Composer,Producer
DJ Phantasy   Producer,Remixing
Carl Cox   Remixing
Slipmatt   Composer,Producer
Gemini   Composer,Producer
Phantasy   Composer,Producer
Jan Salisbury   Composer,Producer
P. Maros   Composer
J. Shields   Composer
M. Giles   Composer,Producer
Paul Rooney   Composer,Producer
F. Coppola   Composer,Producer
V. Nardone   Composer,Producer
Mike Slammer   Producer
J. Greenhalgh   Composer,Producer
Daniel Light   Composer,Producer
Jason Hardy   Composer,Producer
Darren Mew   Composer,Producer
Matthew Quinn   Composer,Producer
Lime   Composer,Producer
DJ R   Composer,Producer
Danny Whittaker   Composer,Producer
S. Dayal   Composer,Producer
M. Coupe   Producer
D. Grassie   Composer
B. Simon   Composer,Producer
J. James   Composer,Producer
C. Brown   Composer,Producer
A. Reynolds   Composer,Producer
Devious D   Composer,Producer
J. Wilkinson   Composer,Producer
J. Fernandez   Composer,Producer
Jason Cambridge   Composer,Producer
Nakia Matthewson   Artwork,Art Direction
D. Zebedee   Composer,Producer
Lee Ching   Composer,Producer
Jay J   Composer,Producer
M. Quinn   Composer,Producer
John Kalkan   Composer,Producer
J. Swaine   Composer
J. Broomfield   Composer,Producer
Femi Olasehinde   Composer,Producer
A. Willats   Composer
S. Inacio   Composer
Matthew Nelson   Composer,Producer

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