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100 Percent Summer Dance

100 Percent Summer Dance


Product Details

Release Date:
Decadance Uk


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doug Lazy   Vocals
Danny Kirsch   Vocals
David Palmer   Keyboards
Michael Urbano   Drums
Armand Van Helden   Vocals
Billy Bouchard   Bass,Guitar
Seamus Haji   Keyboards
Christian Burns   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Andy Page   Guitar
P.T. Hayes   Rap
Dean Marriott   Keyboards
Therese   Vocals
Amanda Wilson   Vocals
Sagi Rei   Vocals,Spoken Word
Katherine Ellis   Vocals
Dave Spoon   Keyboards
Terri Bjerre   Vocals
Roberto Intrallazzi   Percussion,Keyboards
Culture Girl   Vocals
Marc JB   Keyboards
Sam Obernick   Vocals
Craig Smart   Vocals

Technical Credits

Gwen Guthrie   Composer,Producer
Paul Hardcastle   Producer
Pete Townshend   Composer
Steve Burgess   Engineer
Murray Burns   Composer
Kenny Buttrey   Composer
Rob Carroll   Composer,Producer
Gordon Chambers   Composer
Steve Gilpin   Composer
Paris Grey   Composer
David Hall   Composer
Gary Kemp   Composer
Danny Kirsch   Composer
Mark Knight   Producer
Harvey Mason   Composer
Kenny Mason   Composer
Thomas Newman   Composer
David Palmer   Programming,Engineer
Kevin Saunderson   Composer
Erick Sermon   Composer
Kevin Stanton   Composer
Michael Urbano   Programming,Engineer
Dennis White   Composer
Shinichi Osawa   Composer,Producer
StoneBridge   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Armand Van Helden   Composer,Producer
Jinny   Composer
Tim Cox   Composer,Producer
John Dixon   Composer,Producer
Duke Mushroom   Producer
CZR   Producer
James Wiltshire   Composer,Producer
Curt Frasca   Composer
Maxine Hardcastle   Composer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Danny Harrison   Composer
Nigel Swanston   Composer,Producer
Steve Mac   Producer
Ian Masterson   Composer
Ken Doh   Composer
Hollis P. Monroe   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Kevin Madison   Composer
Sally Mason   Composer
Ray Hedges   Composer
Nick Bracegirdle   Composer
Michael Devlin   Producer
Sue Gatlin   Composer
Rohan Heath   Composer
Matthias Menck   Producer,Engineer
Giacomo Maiolini   Executive Producer
A. Bailey   Composer
Andy Manston   Producer
Terry Ronald   Composer
Static Revenger   Producer
Julian Napolitano   Producer
Jim Kissling   Producer,Engineer
Billy Bouchard   Engineer
Danny Matlock   Composer
Cloudburst   Producer
DJ Jurgen   Producer
Jody Wisternoff   Composer,Producer
Dave Hall   Composer
Seamus Haji   Composer,Producer
Christian Burns   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Robbie Nelson   Composer
Chris Agnelli   Composer
Nicci Gilbert   Composer
Damian Harris   Composer,Producer
Aydin Hasirci   Producer
Russell Small   Composer,Producer
Dean Marriott   Composer,Producer
James Winchester   Composer
Shena McSween   Composer
Sam Obernik   Composer
Gregor Van Offeren   Composer
Darren House   Composer,Producer
Mikael Nordgren   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Sabelle Breer   Composer
Thomas Kutger   Producer
Marco Martin   Engineer
Sergei Forster Hall   Composer,Producer
Jon Peam   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Nick Bridges   Composer,Producer
Kieron McTernan   Composer
Harry Diamond   Composer,Producer
Paul K. Johnson   Producer
Mat Bradshaw   Producer
Amanda Wilson   Composer
Jeffrey Saltzman   Producer
Razak Halalat   Producer
Therese Grankvist   Composer
Funkagenda   Producer
George Nakas   Composer
Katherine Ellis   Composer
Christian Tran Van   Composer
Lucinda Sieger   Composer
Dave Spoon   Composer,Producer
Gia Mellish   Composer
Wez "The Wizard" Clarke   Producer
Roberto Intrallazzi   Producer
Luca Provera   Producer,drum programming
Ida Corr   Composer
Moratto   Composer
Dogsax   Producer
Tim William   Composer
Darren Rock   Composer,Producer
Gary Curran   Composer,Producer
Richie Kayvan   Engineer
C. Smart   Composer
R. Alexander   Composer
Jon Dixon   Composer,Producer
C. Hernandez   Composer
R. Murray   Composer
W. Cremonini   Composer
Sampson   Composer
S. Hollander   Composer
Pia Colonna   Composer
D. Schommer   Composer
Austin   Composer
Keenan   Composer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
A. Hinton   Composer
Robbie Nelson   Composer
D. White   Composer
K. Mayberry   Composer
Kevin Madison   Composer
Ken Morris   Composer

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