100 Percent Trance

100 Percent Trance


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Decadance Uk


Disc 1

  1. Madagascar
  2. Loneliness
  3. Liberation (Fly Like an Angel)
  4. Carte Blanche
  5. Pump It Up
  6. The Age of Love
  7. Adagio for Strings 2009 @@DJ Yvan
  8. Find Yourself @@John OCallaghan
  9. Forgiven Lies
  10. Going Wrong
  11. Viva La Vida! @@Da Others
  12. Man on the Run
  13. A New Life @@Stel
  14. Avalon
  15. Looking Too Deep

Disc 2

  1. Oceanic
  2. Turn It Around @@Alena
  3. How U Like Bass
  4. Breaking Ties
  5. Nemesis
  6. Bendbass
  7. Lucky Strike
  8. Trans Am
  9. Shift
  10. Electric Sheep
  11. Morning Drive
  12. The Inversed Puma @@SQD
  13. Miracle
  14. Made in Bahrain
  15. Elektra

Disc 3

  1. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand) @@Divine Inspiration
  2. Mysterious Times @@Sash
  3. The Boys of Summer @@DJ Sammy
  4. Be Cool
  5. Destination Sunshine
  6. City Lights
  7. Sun
  8. Skydrive (I Feel Wonderful)
  9. Pitchin' (In Every Direction)
  10. Children @@Mandrake
  11. Reborn
  12. 5 to 12
  13. Warrior @@Warrior
  14. Twilight @@Adam K & Soha
  15. Eve in the Sky @@Crystal Rose

Disc 4

  1. Time to Burn @@Storm
  2. Happiness Happening
  3. Everyday @@Agnelli
  4. Drifting Away @@Lange
  5. Sky Falls Down
  6. From Russia with Love
  7. Without You @@Liz Meyers
  8. Doesn't Really Matter
  9. Another Night @@Vogue
  10. Nine Ways
  11. Amnesia @@Nitrous Oxide
  12. Out of My Mine
  13. Red Sun Rising
  14. Beachball @@Nalin
  15. Feel the Love @@DJ Sammy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Liz Meyer   Vocals
Jan Johnston   Vocals
Justine Suissa   Vocals
Stacey Charles   Track Performer
Philip Cortez   Percussion
Miika Eloranta   Track Performer
Janne Mansnerus   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Samuel Barber   Composer
Don Henley   Composer
Tom Ferguson   Producer
Lee Robinson   Composer,Producer
Bruno Sanchioni   Composer,Producer
Eric Woolfson   Composer
Ramon Zenker   Producer
Johan Gielen   Composer,Producer
J.C. Molland   Composer
Simon Berry   Composer,Producer
Judge Jules   Composer,Producer
Jono Grant   Composer,Producer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Djaimin   Composer
Eniac   Composer,Producer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Trancy Spacer   Composer,Producer
Spacy Trancer   Composer,Producer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Giuseppe Cherchia   Composer,Producer
Matt Darey   Composer,Producer
Josh Gabriel   Producer,Remixing
Armin van Buuren   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Jaco Van Rijswijk   Producer
A. Bailey   Composer
A. Martin   Composer
Niko Nyman   Composer
Above & Beyond   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Anthony Pappa   Producer
Julian Napolitano   Composer,Producer
Darren Pearce   Composer,Producer
Andry Nalin   Composer,Producer
Cosmic Gate   Producer,Remixing
Martin Eyerer   Producer
Axel Konrad   Producer
Harry Cane   Composer,Producer
Robbie Nelson   Composer
Chris Agnelli   Composer
Andrea Kanta   Composer
Shondell Mims   Composer
Roger P. Shah   Composer,Producer
Tomcraft   Producer
Slusnik Luna   Producer
Tony McGuinness   Composer,Producer
Robin Felder   Vocal Producer
Simon Kemper   Producer
Paavo Siljamäki   Producer
Peter Luts   Composer,Producer
Justine Suissa   Composer,Producer
Sarah Jane Scott   Producer
Paul Crawley   Composer,Producer
Oliver Laib   Composer,Producer
Stacey Charles   Composer
Carlo Resoort   Composer,Producer
Miika Eloranta   Composer,Producer
Stelios Vassiloudis   Producer
Stephen Singer   Producer
Pasticmen   Composer
Uwe Taubert   Composer,Producer
Andrew Bayer   Composer,Producer
Jeff Martens   Composer,Producer
Alan Nimmo   Composer,Producer
Mark Coates Smith   Producer
Janne Mansnerus   Composer,Producer
Mike Shiver   Composer,Producer
Joonas Hahmo   Composer,Producer
Peter Kriek   Composer,Producer
Ariaan Olieroock   Composer,Producer
Josse D. Ruiz   Composer
Andy Duguid   Producer,Remixing
Sarah Howells   Composer
Dan Stone   Composer,Producer
Paul Keeley   Composer,Producer
Adam Nickey   Composer,Producer
Krzysztof Pretkiewicz   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Samuel Barber   Producer
Michael Woods   Composer,Producer

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