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100 Ways to Create Wealth

100 Ways to Create Wealth

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by Steve Chandler

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THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT HOW TO THINK so that you can create more wealth in your life. It is a CONSCIOUSNESS BOOK, like THINK AND GROW RICH, a new modern version.
This funny, penetrating book follows on the heels of Chandler's previous international best sellers 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself and 100 Ways to Motivate Others.
These 100 eye-opening ways to create


THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT HOW TO THINK so that you can create more wealth in your life. It is a CONSCIOUSNESS BOOK, like THINK AND GROW RICH, a new modern version.
This funny, penetrating book follows on the heels of Chandler's previous international best sellers 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself and 100 Ways to Motivate Others.
These 100 eye-opening ways to create wealth are drawn from the author's successful careers, with many touching personal stories as well as stories and examples from the hundreds of clients these master coaches have advised. This book is chock full of ways to make money, deepen life's pleasure, increase personal wage-earning power, and start fresh entrepreneurial ideas right at home.
Written for the age of the home-business entrepreneur, this book will appeal to everyone from company CEOs, to life coaches, to stay at home moms, to internet fans, to people who are simply thinking of converting a hobby into wealth. This is the deepest and most penetrating study yet of the psychology of prosperity, and the action steps necessary to produce wealth.

Sam Beckford had five straight business failures before he turned it all around. These 100 “ways” represent the exact changes he made to execute the turnaround and become a millionaire. They not only worked for him, but they have also worked for hundreds of his clients who have transformed failure into success.
When we seek to help you create more wealth in life, we’re not trying to make you more self-important or encourage you to find ego-gratification by the accumulation of material objects.
Our intention is to give you a rare and strange freedom—the freedom to move easily in life, go where you want to, and do what you want to do. Wealth can deliver that freedom.
We want you to find the freedom to help yourself thrive in your true purpose, to find the leverage to help loved ones, and to financially help organizations and causes you want to help.
Many people shake their heads when they hear about conditions in Africa and can’t do anything except curse about it. Then they curse people who have the power to help, the people who have the freedom to send money and dig a well in Africa, but don’t.
We want this book to give you a chance to be one of the people who have the power to help.
We are not going to be talking about clever money tricks. How to trick people into anything, or how to do quasi-pyramid schemes, or catch the latest wave of “hot opportunities.” You yourself are the real opportunity available to you. You can inspire yourself to generate earned wealth, the kind of money that comes from serving the greatest number of people in the most preferred ways.
We both spend our days coaching people on their path toward greater wealth. Our clients often enjoy surprising success, and whenever they do it’s always because of a breakthrough in their thinking. These breakthroughs have been listed in this book and capped at 100. We’ve chosen the breakthroughs that work the best and the most often. And, since this is a book about what works for others, it is also a book about what will work for you.
This is not a book about investing or money management. It is merely a recounting of our collective experience as personal coaches and business coaches. It’s also the biographies of two men who went from deep debt and failure to consistent major paydays.
Creating wealth is a different concept than “discovering” a way to cash in on some wealth, or a way to take advantage of some faddish external circumstance.
We’re talking about creating your wealth from within yourself. Finding that place inside where you love to be and finding that work on the outside that you love to do.
So, this book is about love and money. Don’t be ashamed to follow the directions. Don’t be afraid to be inspired by the ideas. The more inspired you are, the faster you will create. Traditional scriptures say we were born in the image of our creator. To what degree do we really believe that? Maybe simply to the degree that we create. Our range of wealth-creation is dependent on our belief in our capacity to create. This book was written to empower that belief.

Editorial Reviews

Dr. Ron Hulnick
100 Ways To Create Wealth is more than worth its weight in gold. If you apply only one of the ways, your wealth will increase significantly. Applying four or more will change your whole life.
Regena Thomashauer
"Steve Chandler makes us feel the wealth that already exists inside of each one of us. He provides the methodology for our abundance to grow- with compassion, beauty, and a love of the world. He will not only make you rich, but expand the best parts of you, within the journey of acquiring your fortune."
Julie Blake
I've studied Wayne Dyer, the Law of Attraction and countless books like "Think and Grow Rich" for 20 years and the insights in "100 Ways to Create Wealth" made everything make sense and immediately increased my e-book sales! You not only learn how to create wealth, you learn the why of it with real life examples. "100 Ways to Create Wealth" is like having 100 personal coaching sessions with Steve Chandler. Five brilliant stars from me!
Michael Neill
"After years of reading books about how all I needed to do to have more money was 'think positive' and 'visualize success', it dawned on me that I had accumulated more books than money.
Steve Chandler helped me to turn that around and in three months I earned more than I had in the previous year. Want to know the real 'secret' to creating wealth? Read this wise and wonderful book!"
Rick Cinquemani
Both Sam Beckford and Steve Chandler writing one book is a fascinating prospect to begin with. They are different and complement one another, but what they do have in common is a "win-win" approach to business and life. If one can be creative and enjoy the act of giving to others in unique and innovative ways, the wealth is a necessary correlate. I really like the ethic behind the strategies in this book. This is also
a book to re-read and get more out of each time.

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Meet the Author

Sam Beckford is the founder of eight small businesses. The first five were massive failures. After business number five he decided to get a “real job” but thankfully got fired after five months and started business number six which made him a millionaire. Sam has shared his business strategies and philosophy with thousands of other small business owners and has personally helped hundreds of business owners across North America increase their personal income by an additional $40,000 per year while working less. Sam lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife Valerie, daughter Isabella, and son Ben. He is the co-author of the bestseller The Small Business Millionaire. You can get information about attending Sam and Steve’s Creating Wealth seminars at www.stevechandler.com
Steve Chandler has shared his life changing ideas on success and self motivation with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In this tell-all book the best selling author of 17 Lies and 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself teams up with self-made small business millionaire and business coach Sam Beckford to expose the reasons why just working hard, using common sense and conventional “wisdom” lead to 80% of small businesses failing. He is the author of The Joy of Selling and over a dozen other international bestsellers in the personal growth field. He has coached and trained over 30 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses. He was a visiting lecturer the Soul-Centered Leadership program at the University of Santa Monica, and lives in Arizona with his wife Kathy and their pet cat, Grizzly Bear. You can reach Steve at www.stevechandler.com

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100 Ways to Create Wealth 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GET THINK AND GROW RICH AS WELL! THINK AND GROW RICH is one of the VERY FEW books that promises to help you determine Who you want to become? What it is you want to do? When it's going to happen? Why THE MISSION IS POSSIBLE? And how you're going to attain it? All through the aid and application of the "unknown and unused knowledge and power" they termed the "Carnegie Secret." 1. Ready-Think 2. Get Set-Grow 3. Go-Get Rich Let life come and live generously, Host & Philosopher Juddha Shaddai Fitzgerald www.blogtalkradio.com/juddha-fitzgerald
Guest More than 1 year ago
Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford collaborate again, to write this third and final book in Steve¿s ¿100 Ways Trilogy.¿ Steve and Sam draw from their own careers as well as illustrations from their clients and from those who have coached them along their journey to success. These action steps to thinking like an entrepreneur, and investing your energy, provide transformative guidance, whether on your own way to your first million dollar success story, or well along that journey as a multimillionaire. I personally took note of the seemingly small things like ¿say more Thank-Yous¿ and ¿finding out who you really are.¿ They took on a new significance in light of the whole of Steve and Sam¿s powerful principles. The format of the book lends itself to a reading as an overview, reading for specific applications, and keeping readily available as a stimulating resource. This is must reading for anyone desiring to produce and enjoy wealth. A very positive reading experience.