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101 Careers in Gerontology / Edition 1

101 Careers in Gerontology / Edition 1

by C. Joanne Grabinski

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ISBN-10: 0826115063

ISBN-13: 9780826115065

Pub. Date: 08/27/2007

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Wanted: Gerontology Workers, Gerontological Specialists, and Gerontologists for careers now and into the future.

As our population of persons aged 65 and over grows and lives longer through these ages, the need for more practitioners with gerontology-specific training is growing as well. Opportunities for careers in gerontology are everywhere and more


Wanted: Gerontology Workers, Gerontological Specialists, and Gerontologists for careers now and into the future.

As our population of persons aged 65 and over grows and lives longer through these ages, the need for more practitioners with gerontology-specific training is growing as well. Opportunities for careers in gerontology are everywhere and more are appearing every day, however the increasing number of options in this field makes the task of finding information, mentoring, and jobs more difficult. How do you know if gerontology is right for you and what options for practice are available?

101 Careers in Gerontology will guide you in your search, providing glimpses into and information about a broad range of options that are gerontology-specific or gerontology-related.

This guide is for all levels of job seekers-college or high school students looking to begin careers or paths of study, professionals needing credentials, mid-career job seekers, even guidance counselors or parents looking for help counseling young adults. Types of jobs and where you would work-including areas you may not have considered such as clothing design, anthropology, or law-education requirements for those jobs, practitioner profiles, and emerging job prospects are all outlined to give you the information you need to decide which path in gerontology is right for you. Interviews with practitioners provide insight on what it's like to be starting out in gerontology or to have worked in the field for years, as well as the experience of starting out with a degree versus on-the-job learning.

So go ahead, use this book and tweak your interest, spur your imagination, or identify a broader spectrum of career possibilities that might be a good fit for you. Welcome to the exciting, dynamic, and ever-expanding professional world of Gerontology!

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Table of Contents

Author     xiii
Preface     xv
Introduction     1
What is gerontology?     1
What created the interest in gerontology as a field of study and as a profession?     2
What is a gerontologist?     4
What types of jobs are available in gerontology?     5
Where do gerontological specialists and gerontologists work?     5
Career Position Profiles and Interviews     6
...And More     7
Actuary     9
Adult Day Program Coordinator     10
An Interview with Patricia Lee Hall, Adult Day Program Coordinator, University-Based Hospital System     12
Advocate     15
An Interview with Morgan F. Gable, Assistant Director of Grassroots Advocacy, International Orgarnization     17
Aging & Adult Services Division Manager, County Department of Human Services     20
Alzheimer's Association Chapter Program Director     21
Applied Sociologist     23
Clinical Sociologist     23
Architect     25
An Interview with Andrew Lee Alden, Project Designer, Architecture Firm     28
Art Therapist     31
Audiologist     33
An Interview with Kathleen M. Sawhill, Audiologist     35
Career and Employment Counselor     38
Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPs)     40
Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CPG)     41
Consultant or Senior Care Pharmacist     42
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)     44
Certified Social Worker in Gerontology (CSW-G)     45
Certified Advanced Social Worker in Gerontology (CASW-G)     45
Certified Advanced Clinical Social Worker in Gerontology (CACSW-G)     45
Clinical Geropsychologist     47
Communications Director, National Membership Organization     49
Continuing Care Retirement Community Administrator     50
Long-Term Care Facility Administrator     50
An Interview with David J. Mancuso, Administrator, Continuing Care Retirement Community     52
Cooperative Extension Service Specialist in Gerontology     55
County Commission on Aging (COA) Director     56
An Interview with Craig Zeese, County Commission on Aging Director     59
Dance/Movement Therapist (DMT)     62
Deputy Director, Area Agency on Aging     63
An Interview with Robert C. Schlueter, Deputy Director & Chief Information Officer, Area Agency on Aging     65
Drama Therapist/Registered Drama Therapist (RDT)     68
Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (DRS)     69
Educational Gerontologist     71
Education & Curriculum Specialist, Lifelong Learning Program/Institute     73
An Interview with Linda Hayes Gallegos, Education & Curriculum Specialist, Public Library Lifelong Learning Institute     76
Elder Advocate, Area Agency on Aging     79
An Interview with Jennifer Illig, Elder Advocate, Area Agency on Aging     81
Elder Law Attorney     84
Certified Elder Law Attorney     84
Elder Care Attorney     84
An Interview with Roxanne J. Chang, Elder Care Attorney     86
Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) Director     88
Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) Coordinator     88
An Interview with Mary Ann Mooradian, Foster Grandparent & Senior Companion Program Director     90
Fundraiser     92
Development Director     92
Geriatric Care Manager/Professional Geriatric Care Manager (PCGM)     94
Geriatric Dentist     96
Geriatric & Special Needs Population Manager, National Health-Related Professional Association     98
Geriatrician     100
Gerontological Librarian     101
Older Adult Librarian     101
An Interview with Richard Bray, Librarian & Director of Older Adult Services, County Library     104
Gerontological/Geriatric Optometrist     107
Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialist     107
An Interview with John E. Kaminski, Optometrist/Low Vision Specialist     109
Gerontological Nurse (ADN)     112
Gerontological Nurse (BSN)     112
Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP)     112
Gerontological Nursing: Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)     112
Grant Writer     114
Home Care Agency Administrator     116
An Interview with Quanhong Qui, Home Care Agency Executive Director     118
Horticultural Therapist     121
Human Factors Engineer     122
Ergonomist     122
Gerontechnologist     122
In-Home Services Program Director, County Commission on Aging     124
An Interview with Barbara Slack Frankenfield, In-Home Services Program Director, County Commission on Aging     126
Intergenerational Specialist     129
Interior Designer-Gerontological Specialization     130
Healthcare Interior Designer     130
An Interview with Jane F. Dailey, Healthcare Interior Designer     133
K-12 Teacher     136
K-12 Curriculum Developer      136
K-12 Curriculum Specialist on Aging     136
Life Event Services Manager     138
Life Event Specialist     138
Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)     140
Mediator     142
Family Mediator     142
Eldercare Mediator     142
An Interview with Susan J. Butterwick, Mediator, Mediation Trainer, and Attorney     144
Medical Librarian     148
Music Therapist/Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC)     149
Nonprofit Community Leadership Training Program Coordinator     151
An Interview with Julie M. Daly, Program Director, City Nonprofit Leadership Training Organization     153
Nurse Case Manager     156
Nutrition Educator     157
Occupational Therapist (OT)     159
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)     159
Older Adult System of Care Director     161
Ombudsperson     163
Physical Therapist (PT)     164
Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA)     164
Recreational Therapist     166
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)     166
An Interview with Maureen Lee Pawlak, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Nursing Home     168
Registered Dietitian (RD)      171
Dietitian Technician, Registered (DTR)     171
Registered Financial Gerontologist (RFC)     173
An Interview with Rosanne Grande, Registered Financial Gerontologist (RFG)     175
Researcher     178
Research Associate     178
Research Assistant     178
An Interview with Abbe Linscott, Research Associate, University-Based Gerontology Center     181
Senior Companion Program (SCP) Director     184
Senior Companion Program (SCP) Coordinator     184
Speech-Language Pathologist     185
State Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (SHIP) Coordinator     187
An Interview with Sarah Kusnier, MMAP (SHIP) Coordinator, County Commission on Aging     189
Strategic Policy Advisor     192
Strategic Policy Analyst     192
Technical Assistance Specialist, National-Level Transportation Center     193
Volunteer Program Coordinator     195
An Interview with Gretchen S. Jordan, Volunteer Resources Manager/Program Coordinator     197
...and More     201
Accounting     201
Advertising     202
Anthropology     202
Banking     203
Clothing and Textiles      203
Creative Writing     204
Educational Gerontology     205
Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation     206
Entrepreneurial Gerontology     206
Exercise, Fitness, and Wellness     208
Family Gerontology     208
Film and Television     209
History     210
Hospitality Services and Tourism     210
Intimacy and Sexuality/Sexual Orientation/Sexual Health in Later Life     211
Journalism, Public Relations, and Communications     212
Marketing     213
Philosophy     213
Political Science/Policy and Aging     214
Religious/Spiritual Gerontology     215
Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency     215
Theatre Arts     216
Transportation     217
Glossary of Acronyms     219

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