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101 Interventions In Family Therapy / Edition 1

101 Interventions In Family Therapy / Edition 1

by Thorana S Nelson, Terry S Trepper

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ISBN-10: 1560241934

ISBN-13: 9781560241935

Pub. Date: 02/01/1993

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Here is an exciting collection of favorite and successful family therapy interventions from therapists which inspire more creative therapy methods in your own practice. 101 Interventions in Family Therapy features contributions by a diverse group of well-known leaders in the field, “therapists on the street,” and faculty of family therapy training


Here is an exciting collection of favorite and successful family therapy interventions from therapists which inspire more creative therapy methods in your own practice. 101 Interventions in Family Therapy features contributions by a diverse group of well-known leaders in the field, “therapists on the street,” and faculty of family therapy training programs. Each clinician presents a creative and useful intervention beginning with a complete description of the method, followed by the specific indications and contraindications for its application, and concludes with a particular case illustration. These engaging and informative stories document helpful interventions that really work, not the exotic and impractical methods of prolific marriage and family authors. Therapists at all levels can learn and incorporate these into their work with families. Practicing clinicians will learn what works for other therapists while graduate-level students and beginning counselors will benefit from the integration of theory and practice exemplified in the practical case examples.

The rich and varied writing styles in this enjoyable volume reflect a multitude of personal therapeutic styles. You will find valuable insight and innovative treatment methods on critical family therapy topics such as eating disorders, the adolescent years, marriage counseling, stepfamilies, divorce therapy, communication difficulties, and conflicts with dual career couples. The smorgasbord of interventions found in this book include bibliotherapy, use of touch, creative use of space, ritual enactment, gift-giving, storytelling and countless other interventions, both revolutionary and commonsense, to enhance and improve your therapy with families.

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

The Other Side
The Case of the Missing Client: Using Non-Pejorative Language With Strong Denial Systems
Read Aloud
Stepfamily Enrichment: Assets Feedback
Ingredients of an Interaction
The Tug-of-War Toilet
Metaphors on Space
The Treatment of Postdivorce Adjustment Problems Through Cognitive Restructuring
Termination as a Therapeutic Technique
The Communication Stone
Termination Rituals
Growthful Touch
Using a Funeral Ritual in Therapy: Changing Rigid Interaction Patterns
Neuro-Linguistic Programming in One-Person Family Therapy
Clare's Sonata
Hanging Out: An Intervention for Random Families
Functional Dysfunctions
The Absent Expert: A Method of Indirect Confrontation
Safety for the Little Girl
Facilitating Marital Dialogue: A Few Fundamental Components
Multiple Split Opinion
The Dreaded Transition: Play Therapy from a Meta/Isomorphic Position
If It Walks Like a Duck . . .
Putting Away Old Loyalties in Later Life
Problems With Problem Solving: A Metaphor for Investigation of Problematic Process
Charting the Transactional Map
Problem Definition and Treatment Protocol for Multi-Problem Families
Treating Dual Career Couples
What Is My Part?
The Comrade Stance
The Giving of Gifts--A Therapeutic Ritual
Use of Self and Space
Unconscious Fears
Satir's Parts Party With Couples
The Family as Consultant to the Therapist: A Technique for Facilitating Termination with Reluctant Families
The Struggler
Motorcycle Madness: A Structural Intervention with a Life-Threatening Disorder
Desperately Seeking French Fries
Termination Rituals
Self-Esteem:Everyone's Favorite
A Cross-Cultural Double Date
Healing of the Memories
Burning the Affair: A Ritual for Starting Over and Recommitting
A Strange Thought
Family Meetings: A Tool for Developing Roles and Rules
A Family Intervention: Introducing Sex as a Subject
The Tell-it-Again Intervention
Family Therapy and Psychoeducation
Revisiting the Generations
The Family Regulator of Change Reframe
A Story
Beginner's Luck: A First Fortunate Family Encounter
Defining Conflict as a Demonstration of the Family Problems
Sculpting Progress and Change
The Turtle Who Was Afraid He Could
Making Contact: The First Intervention
Engaging the Difficult Adolescent from Behind the One-Way Mirror
The Use of Metaphor in Providing Feedback on Structured Assessment Procedures
Tommy and His Helpers
A Basic Intervention in Couples Therapy
Letter Writing in Family Therapy
A Change of Names
The Use of Resistant Family Members as Consultants in Therapy
The Use of Fantasy in Breaking Through Impasse
Passing the Baton
Using Bowen's Differentiation of Self Scale to Help Couples Understand and Resolve Marital Conflict
Resurrecting the Ghost of the Master: A Split-Team Technique With One Therapist
Strands of Change
"Pretend a Miracle Happened": A Brief Therapy Task
The Addict's Funeral Plans
The "What-if" Technique
Cultural Reconnections
The Use of Gentle Paradox to Address Negative Loyalty
When Words Fail
Male Mystique
What Are Your Children Learning?
The Use of Meal Therapy in the Treatment of Families With Eating Disorders
Combining Individual and Conjoint Sessions in Couples Therapy
What, Where, When, How
Letters to Families Who Leave Therapy Prematurely
Captain's Paradise Concluded
The Divorce Ceremony: A Healing Strategy
Working With Rigid Parents: Reverse Images and Reframes
An Application of Programmed Writing: Arguing and Fighting
Treating Information Processing Errors
A Family Photograph
The Tape Recorder as a Behavior Modification Device in Couple Therapy
The Special Child: A Multi-Use Reframe
Grandma, Come Help!
Engaging Men
Dilemma: A Frame for Reframes
Supervising Client Conversion: A Brief Note on a Contextual Structure for Evoking Therapeutic Creativity
Engaging Adolescents in Family Therapy: Some Early Phase Skills
The Blanket
Frank and Jimmy
Reflections on Intervention
Questions as Metaphor
Intervention in Context
Beyond Intervention
Comfortable Interventions
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