101 Questions and Answers about Backyard Wildlife

101 Questions and Answers about Backyard Wildlife

by Ann O. Squire, Jennifer DiRubbio

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Why do fireflies flash? Where do city pigeons build nests? What happens to butterflies in the winter?See more details below

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Why do fireflies flash? Where do city pigeons build nests? What happens to butterflies in the winter?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
When you look out into your yard or gaze around in a city park, wildlife abounds. Slugs, snails, bugs and birds all have fascinating abilities. Dr. Ann Squire, an animal behaviorist, has provided answers to common questions such as: " Why do ducks preen their feathers? Do all bees sting? 'How long do squirrels live? and the like. In addition to a readable and easily understood text, the black and white sketches show the animals, close up views of insects, and other features discussed in the text. A handy, quick reference for science classrooms, homes and those curious insatiable kids. A bibliography and index are included.
School Library Journal
Gr 3-5An appealing book, inspired by Squire's move to a large old house and resultant encounters with local wildlife indoors and out. Divided into chapters on birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles and amphibians, the questions range from woodpecker tongues to dragonfly eyes, from cicada cycles to a squirrel's life span. The questions are logical, the answers accurate, and the writing style conversational. Organization leaves a tad to be desired, as not all of the information about various creatures is grouped together. The index will help readers seeking a particular snippet, but having all data on a single critter in one sequence is more logical. The black-and-white sketches are realistic, accurate, and appealing. A pleasant little book to have on the porch on a summer evening, along with a frosty pitcher of real lemonade and a few jam jars for hunting fireflies.Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY
Kirkus Reviews
A compendium of backyard trivia that leaves out more questions than it answers. In chapters dealing with birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, moles, mice, cold-blooded creatures, and "other weird wildlife," she satisfies the curiosity readers may have about birds' nests, why ducks preen their feathers, owl pellets, fireflies, and much more. But some of the creatures highlighted—fleas, ducks, cranes, owls, gulls, penguins, and rattlesnakes—are not exactly backyard wildlife. The information can be capricious or inadequate, e.g., much is made of birds' hearing, but Squire never explains just how they hear. In another example, she comments on pigeon nests, but never answers the question most children have about that bird—where are the baby pigeons? Overall the book is mildly interesting but hampered by a scattershot approach to an inherently fascinating subject.

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