101 Quick Tips to Make Your Home Feel SenseSational

101 Quick Tips to Make Your Home Feel SenseSational

by Terry Willits
Practical tips to bring touches of comfort to where you live, from warm hugs to cozy blankets and pillows.


Practical tips to bring touches of comfort to where you live, from warm hugs to cozy blankets and pillows.

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101 Quick Tips to Make a Home Feel Great

By Terry Willits


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Chapter One

1 Get in touch with touch.

Awaken your sense of touch in the home you create. Notice the feel of fabrics and furnishings as you touch them. Use the hands God has given you not just for laboring, but for loving. Make every effort to fill your home with loving touches of comfort.

2 Make the first step satisfying.

Greet guests with a pretty area rug inside your front door. It will be their first touch of comfort as they step into your home. Select a rug with a background color or busy pattern that will camouflage dirt. For comfort, and to prevent slipping, place a vinyl mesh grip beneath it. For extra cushion, use a piece of carpet padding in place of the mesh grip.

3 Give homecoming hugs and kisses.

A cheerful homecoming shows love, respect, and admiration. Try to be home to welcome family at the end of their day. Stop whatever you're doing and greet them at the door with a warm hug or kiss.

4 Welcome visitors warmly.

Greet visitors to your home with a warm hug or firm handshake. For an extra touch of sincerity, give a double-handed handshake. Such thoughtful gestures of touch instantly convey love and acceptance and put others at ease in your home.

5 Please sign on the line.

Display a beautiful guest book and a pen on a table by your front door. Invite visitors to sign it as they leave your home. This little book will soon hold cherished memories of special times spent with friends and family in your home.

6 Beautify with blankets.

Collect mohair, cotton, or wool blankets in pretty patterns, textures, and colors. Beautiful throws and blankets add texture, charm, and security wherever they are. Use them throughout your home - draped over a sofa or chair, folded at the end of a bed, or stacked on a bench. Keep them within easy reach for a touch of cozy comfort.

7 Cozy up to a quilt.

Old or new, quilts are a lovely and long-lasting way to bring the color and comfort of cotton to your home year-round. Collect pretty quilts that coordinate with your decor. Use them as bed coverlets or wall hangings, fold and stack them on top of a chest, or drape one over a table and cover it with glass.

8 Roll out the rugs.

Colorful cotton rag or braided rugs soften a hard, cold floor. These rugs are comfortable, reasonably priced, and reversible. Scatter small ones in places where you stand frequently - in front of your shower, tub, or kitchen sink, and at front and back doors. Do not use rag rugs on top of carpet where they might get wet and stain the carpet. For best results, dry clean.


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