14 Years and No Awards! The Best of 2008

14 Years and No Awards! The Best of 2008

by Rick & Bubba

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Thirty Tigers

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Disc 1

  1. 14 Years and Still No Awards
  2. Donald Duck Gets Tazed
  3. "Hey Batter Batter"
  4. There's a Monkey on the Loose
  5. Olan Mills
  6. Speedy the Voice Guy
  7. The Diet Isn't Working
  8. Clay, This Is James
  9. Bubba Joins Facebook
  10. How You Know You're in a Cult
  11. Woman Born with Backwards Feet
  12. Nickname Confusion
  13. Bubba Wants to Look Like Lenny Kravitz

Disc 2

  1. That's the Right Thing to Do
  2. Dragonauts
  3. Animals Are Our Friends
  4. Morning Breeze
  5. Short Man Bites off Wife's Lip
  6. Carl the Robot Car
  7. Rising of the Phoenix
  8. A Wedding to Remember
  9. History Lessons from a 10 Year-Old
  10. Bubba's Pita Special

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