1588 - Music from the Time of the Spanish Armada: The York Waits

1588 - Music from the Time of the Spanish Armada: The York Waits


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  1. The Queenes Visiting of the Campe at Tilsburie
  2. The Spanish Pavan/Galliard - La Gamba
  3. Crimson Velvet
  4. La Doune Cella/La Shy Myze/La Bounette
  5. The Obtaining of the Great Galleazzo
  6. Browninge My Dere/Browninge Fantasy
  7. Les Bransles Gays
  8. The Delight Pavan/Galliard to Delight Pavan
  9. Staines Morris
  10. The Quarter Brawles
  11. Pavana/Galiarda/Coranto
  12. Watkins Ale
  13. Robin Is Ti the Greenwood Gone
  14. Wilson's Fantasie
  15. The Spanish Lady/The Cushion Dance
  16. Dulcina/All You That Love Good Fellowes
  17. Eighty-Eight or Sir Ffrancis Drake
  18. Les Bransles de Champagne
  19. The Carmans Whistle/Under & Over/Pepper Is Black/Millfield/Roowe Well Ye M

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ian Richardson   Recorder,Sopranino,Hurdy-Gurdy,Soprano Recorder,Curtal,Shawm,Tenor Flute,Alto Recorder
Anthony Barton   Bagpipes,Percussion,Cornet,Lute,Pipe,Cittern,Bass Recorder,Shawm,Tenor Recorder,Tabor,Tenor Shawm
Tim Bayley   Alto Flute,Sopranino,Basset Horn,Sackbut,Hurdy-Gurdy,Bass Recorder,Curtal,Shawm,Tenor Recorder,Sopranino Recorder
Gef Lucena   Recorder
Roger Richardson   Bass Flute,Recorder,Sopranino,Basset Horn,Soprano Recorder,Bass Recorder,Shawm,Alto Recorder
David Wilkins   Recorder
James Merryweather   Bagpipes,Recorder,Curtal,Shawm,Tenor Recorder,Alto Recorder,Tenor Shawm
Christopher Wilson   Lute
Richard Wistreich   Bass,Vocals,Voices
York Waits   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Gef Lucena   Producer,Engineer
David Wilkins   Producer,Engineer
Traditional   Composer

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