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175 Natural Sugar Desserts
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175 Natural Sugar Desserts

4.5 2
by Angelina Dayan

Homemade desserts and baked goods for health-conscious people.

The delicious recipes in this new book are ideal for those who want to reduce their intake of processed sugar or even eliminate it completely. Angelina and Ari Dayan show how to remove sugar and still get great flavors. Each recipe uses the natural sweetness of fruits and other natural


Homemade desserts and baked goods for health-conscious people.

The delicious recipes in this new book are ideal for those who want to reduce their intake of processed sugar or even eliminate it completely. Angelina and Ari Dayan show how to remove sugar and still get great flavors. Each recipe uses the natural sweetness of fruits and other natural ingredients like honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, stevia and xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables.

Some of the sumptuous desserts are:

  • Cherry cobbler maxi, Tahiti tart, berry tartlets
  • Chestnut and chocolate crepe Napoleon
  • Light scones, chocolate chip cookies, magic mud cake
  • Carrot cake with mascarpone, chocolate hazelnut mousse
  • Panna cotta, coffee ice cream, orange granita
  • Ginger mango compote, Cajun-style roasted pineapple slices.

Jam packed with helpful tips and techniques, these recipes range from the everyday to ones for special occasions. In addition, there is valuable information on using alternative sweeteners.

175 Natural Sugar Desserts will quickly become a favored resource for the home cook who wants to produce healthy meals.

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Why Natural Sugar Desserts?

This book is for all health-conscious people who enjoy homemade desserts and baked goods. If you are trying to reduce your intake of sugar, or eliminate it completely, our delicious recipes will let you continue to enjoy wonderful desserts. And you'll be able to offer your children something other than cavity-producing sweets and sugary baked goods!

Just because a dessert has no refined sugar doesn't mean it has no flavor. On the contrary, you'll be able to taste the true flavor of the ingredients, as sugar tends to mask them. If you've ordered an apple pie in a restaurant, it likely had more sugar than apples! In our recipes, we don't use white or brown sugar or artificial sweeteners. Instead, our desserts are sweetened either with naturally sweet fruit or with natural sugars. People who have tasted our desserts have enjoyed them all and were surprised to learn that they didn't contain any refined sugar.

The Dangers of Sugar
Sugar is a relatively recent food, in that it became popular only in the 20th century. Before that, it was considered to be more a spice than a food in its own right. The main problem is that sugar does not exist naturally: it is produced by refining another food, such as sugarcane or sugar beets. It is very easy to consume too much sugar (and too often) for our bodies to handle. It's actually much harder to consume large amounts of carbohydrates when we eat whole foods, such as fruit and whole grains, because we fill up more quickly.

Let's look at what happens in the body when we consume sugar. Since the refined product is stripped from the fiber in fruit, it passes directly (and therefore too quickly) into the bloodstream without being digested. The level of glucose in the blood, which should stay close to 1
gram per liter, quickly rises to above normal levels. As a result, the pancreas secretes an excessive amount of insulin to lower the level of sugar in the blood. The result is postprandial hypoglycemia, in which we experience symptoms such as nervousness, cold sweat, tremors, fatigue, yawning, hunger and the well-known feeling of being downright drained. So what do we do to circumvent these symptoms? We eat more sugar! And we become dependent on it.

A growing number of people in Western society now suffer from obesity and other weight-related problems; in addition, recent studies show that sugar plays a role in various diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. That is why it is important to limit our sugar consumption and free ourselves from our dependence on sugary foods. One day, we may well find out that sugar, when misused (which is, unfortunately, very often), can be just as harmful as cigarettes or excessive use of alcohol. There may come a time when foods that contain a lot of sugar will have their own warning label, saying something like "Consuming large amounts of sugar can be detrimental to your health."

People often think that sugar is part of a balanced diet and that we can't exclude it because "we need it" or "it's a source of energy." This isn't true — we can easily go through life without ever eating it. We certainly managed fine before the process for refining sugar was discovered. The human body does need carbohydrates, but we can easily find them in natural whole foods, such as fruit, cereals, grains, legumes and so on.

A Natural Diet Is the Key to Well-Being
Everything we eat has a direct effect on our bodies and thus on our overall long-term health. It is therefore best to consume foods that are as natural as possible, with the least amount of processing. As a general rule, foods lose much of their nutritional value as they go through the various stages of processing, and many other, less natural ingredients are often added. Some disturbing studies show a link between these additives and an increased risk of developing certain diseases, but this doesn't prevent the food-processing industry from using them.

Don't despair: you can still eat well and enjoy food; you just have to be more careful about what you buy. Keep this in mind when you shop for ingredients to prepare the recipes in this book. If you choose to buy ready-made dough, for example, select the most natural product possible, made without hydrogenated fats.

Desserts and Dieting
Even though our desserts are free of refined sugar and, for the most part, have far fewer calories than traditional desserts, it is still important to follow certain basic principals if you are watching your weight. As with anything, moderation is the key! Instead of finishing every meal on a sweet note or having a sweet snack to satisfy a sudden hunger pang, save desserts for special occasions, or at most a few times a week. Your scale will thank you, and you will feel healthier when you're not overloading your body with carbohydrates. In addition, you'll enjoy desserts that much more, because they'll really be a treat, rather than a habit.

We hope you enjoy our desserts as much as we've enjoyed writing this book. We would be happy to respond to any of your comments or suggestions. If you have questions about our recipes or products specified in this book, visit our website: www.angelinadayan.com.

Meet the Author

Angelina and Ari Dayan are food advocates who live in London, England.

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175 Natural Sugar Desserts 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
charlatain More than 1 year ago
My father is pre-diabetic but dreams of opening a bakery shop. As a connoisseur of all things delicious, my father often makes the wrong decisions and isn't as conscious of his condition as he should be. I wanted to find him a desserts cookbook that would produce selections that were not only eliminated refined sugars, but was guilt-free. Well, as guilt-free as desserts can ever become! I scoured the internet for a week looking for the perfect book. I eliminated anything with "Diabetes" in the title--my father was not diabetic and I wouldn't entertain the idea in the form of a gift. Plus, all of those books simply replaced sugar with Spelndarific artificial sweeteners, which I'm certain does nothing for flavor and we all know we should avoid anyway. He also doesn't have celiac disease. Publishers should understand when you make your title super-specific title, you're downsizing your market significantly. No, I was looking for a book that utilized unprocessed natural sweeteners while also promoting health-consciousness that actually tasted GOOD. And NO mention of diabetes. This is where most cookbooks failed: white all-purpose flour littered ingredients lists and their idea of a natural sweeteners were oozing with processed molasses and juice concentrates, without skipping a beat. No refined sugars my overindulgent father's appetite. The authors of 175 NSD targeted their book to "health-conscious people." Revolutionary. What 175 NSD offers is the ELIMINATION of refined, processed sugars entirely. The authors harness the sugars of the most naturally occurring sugar out there: FRUIT. It's right there on the cover. With recipes jam packed with fruit, nectars and naturally-occurring maple syrup, this cookbook produces desserts that are sweet, tangy and--should I say it--good for you. Half of the time, the syrups and nectar are OPTIONAL or replaceable with stevia/xylitol, the only sweeteners you should be putting in your body. Mind blown. I've done the research--I'm saving you time. Get this one. Dad loved it.
auntzola More than 1 year ago
I bought this book about 3 weeks ago and have only made 4 recipes from it. I cook for a private family with many different dietary needs, so I look for many healthy cookbooks and baking books to use for them. It is a decent cookbook with informative fruit and nut recipes. It uses juices, stevia, honey and agave to sweeten and other natural sugars. I have made frozen dessert, some baked fruit desserts and a cookies. I am going to try a muffin recipe next. I found it somewhat helpful in the department of natural sugar recipes and some I was not in the least bit interested in. My family that I work for will not eat coconut, so that takes some out. They will not use butter or eggs in their desserts, so thoo, removes some I can use for them. I will ake all of them that I can wothout these ingredients as the year continues. It is not my all time favorite cookbook for these kind of desserts, but it is a good reference and has some good recipes that I have tried and will make for the first time soon. I recommend this book to people who need substitutes for regular sugar and looking for dessert ideas. I hope they too, find it interesting and helpful.