190 Ready-to-Use Activities That Make Science Fun


This unique resource provides 190 high-interest, ready-to-use activities to help students master basic science skills— including earth study, scientific method, the solar system, chemistry, physical science, life science, water and erosion, and weather and climate— for use with students of varying ability levels.

All activities are classroom-tested and presented in a variety of entertaining formats, such as puzzles, crosswords, vocabulary clues, and more. Plus, many activities ...

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This unique resource provides 190 high-interest, ready-to-use activities to help students master basic science skills— including earth study, scientific method, the solar system, chemistry, physical science, life science, water and erosion, and weather and climate— for use with students of varying ability levels.

All activities are classroom-tested and presented in a variety of entertaining formats, such as puzzles, crosswords, vocabulary clues, and more. Plus, many activities include "Quick Access Information" flags providing helpful information on key concepts.

For quick access and easy use, the activities are printed in a big 8 1/2" X 11" lay-flat format for photocopying and are organized into nine sections.

LAYING THE GROUND WORK FOR GEOSCIENCE/EARTH STUDY features 28 activities, including The Mineral Identification Page . . . Volcano Expressions . . . and The Fossil Fuels Double Decker Page.

ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD provides 22 activities, such as The Science Skill Enhancement Page . . . The Great Search for Science "In" Words . . . and Understanding the Concept of Hypothesis.

REVOLVING AND ROTATING WITH THE SOLAR SYSTEM gives you 18 exercises, including Pioneers of Astronomy, Rocketry, and Space Flight . . . Solar System Connections . . . and The Moon Data Puzzle.

UNIVERSE CONCEPTS, PUZZLES, AND IDEAS TO STIMULATE AND ENRICH is packed with 13 activities, including Universe Adjectives . . . Comets— A Concise Quick Access Information Puzzle . . . and The Space Study Expression Puzzle.

CHEMISTRYFUNDAMENTAL SKILL BUILDERS offers 10 activities, such as The Chemical Element Symbol Puzzle . . . Grouping Chemistry Expressions . . . and The Atom Maze Page.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE CONCEPTS FOR THE MODERN CLASSROOM features 31 exercises, such as The Heat Puzzle. . . It Sounds to Be True . . . A Sound Study Research Page . . . and Mr. Newton and His Laws of Motion.

HOOKED ON LIFE SCIENCE TECHNIQUES, IDEAS, AND CONCEPTS provides 33 activities, including Grouping Life Science Vocabulary . . . The Food Poisoning Puzzle . . . and Tripod Connections in the Plant World.

WATER EROSION FACTS AND INSIGHTS offers 13 activities, such as The Hydrosphere Knowledge Puzzle . . . Eliminating the Negative and Explaining "Why"—Erosion Questions . . . and Erosion Adjectives.

UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESSES AND CYCLES OF WEATHER AND CLIMATE gives you 22 exercises, including Climate/Weather Reverse Questions . . . Design a Storm . . . and Solstice and Equinox. . . A Concise Quick Access Information Puzzle.

This volume is one of three books in the HOOKED ON LEARNING LIBRARY, a excellent time- and work-saving series that provides math, English, and science teachers with over 500 stimulating, high-interest activity sheets to teach and reinforce fundamental skills across the curriculum. Other volumes available from the publisher include 190 Ready-to-Use Activities That Make English Fun! and 190 Ready-to-Use Activities That Make Math Fun!

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What People Are Saying

From the Publisher
"George Watson, master teacher has done it again! He has combined sound pedagogy in an innovative and challenging way that will appeal to students and teachers alike."
— Carrol Loewen, former special education teacher, principal, and director of education, Saskatchewan, Canada

"All teachers with middle years science assignments need a copy of this fantastic collection of 'high interest" learning activities. George Watson's twenty-eight years of diverse teaching experience is the great strength of this user-friendly resource."— Lyndon Heinemann, vice principal, North Battleford Comprehensive High School, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

"George Watson, an enthusiastic and inspirational classroom teacher with many years experience, has created and compiled this practical resource filled with a wide variety of challenging and motivating activities that no Science teacher should be without."
— Brian Gardiner, assistant principal, Connaught School, North Battleford

"George Watson, an enthusiastic educator, combines extensive research and experience in the creation of this most useful teaching tool. It is a resource designed to provide teachers with a variety of easy-to-use activities and suggestions that are sure to enhance and enrich the science curriculum."
— Lyle Brenna, principal, Bready Elementary School

"A most impressive collection of challenges for every kind of student. A true treasure for the teacher who believes that Science can be integrated with other subjects. Learning is Fun."
— Mr. Merv. Grosse, director of education, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780787966010
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication date: 6/28/2003
  • Series: J-B Ed: Ready-to-Use Activities Series , #70
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 288
  • Product dimensions: 8.46 (w) x 10.94 (h) x 0.69 (d)

Meet the Author

George Watson has taught almost every elementary and junior high school subject during his 28 years of teaching. He most recently taught special education classes for grades 8 and 9 at Alexander Junior High School in the North Battleford (Saskatchewan) Public School Division. Mr. Watson also conducts inservice programs for teachers and parent-teacher organizations and speaks at local conventions. He is the author of Teacher Smart: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management and Control and The Classroom Discipline Problem Solver, both from Jossey-Bass.

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Table of Contents

About the Author iv
About the Hooked on Learning Library iv
About This Book v
Section 1 Laying the Groundwork for Earth Science 1
1. The Earth: A Real Puzzler 3
2. Earth Science Vocabulary 4
3. Mineral Identification 5
4. Geoscience Word Completions 6
5. Volcanic "Same As" Vocabulary 7
6. Volcano Expressions with Missing Letters 8
7. Researching Famous Geoscientists 9
8. Earth Science Vocabulary Vowelless Puzzle 10
9. Volcanoes: Eliminating the Negative and Explaining "Why" 11
10. Fast Changes to the Earth's Surface 12
11. Geoscience "Not the Same As" Vocabulary: Part One 13
12. Geoscience "Not the Same As" Vocabulary: Part Two 14
13. Finding Continental Drift Words and Names from Clues and Scrambles 15
14. How One Thing Is Like Another in Rock Study 16
15. Geoscience Tripod Connections 17
16. Geoscience Newspaper Headlines 18
17. Science Problem-Solving with Brainstorming 19
18. Fossils 20
19. Fossils: Part Two 21
20. Geoscience Search from Clues 22
21. Earthquake and the Earth's Interior Adjectives 23
22. Geoscience Adjectives 24
23. Words and Expressions Associated with Geology 25
24. Geoscience Expressions 26
25. Geoscience Relationships 27
26. Interesting Geoscience Vocabulary Clues 28
27. Double-Decker Fossil Fuels 29
28. A Crusty Puzzle 30
Section 2 Essential Strategies for the Scientific Method 31
29. The Scientific Method 33
30. Scientific Method Expressions 34
31. Scientific Method Expressions from Clues and Scrambles 35
32. Science Skill Enhancement 36
33. Scientific Method Reverse Questions 37
34. Francis Bacon: Hypothesis and Scientific Inquiry 38
35. A Group Research Project 39
36. A Group Research Project: Part Two 40
37. A Group Research Project: Part Three 41
38. Safety in the Science Lab 42
39. Safety in the Science Lab: Part Two 43
40. Safety in the Science Lab: Part Three 44
41. Safety in the Science Lab: Part Four 45
42. The Great Search for Science "In" Words 46
43. Researching B.C.E. Scientific Thinkers 47
44. Finding Pre-1900 Scientists from Clues and Scrambles 48
45. Finding Post-1900 Scientists from Clues and Scrambles 49
46. The Hypothesis Concept 50
47. The Science Career Graph 51
48. The Science Career Graph: Part Two 52
49. Think About It 53
50. A Scientific Method Scramble 54
Section 3 Revolving and Rotating with the Solar System 55
51. Pioneers of Astronomy, Rocketry, and Space Flight 57
52. Pioneers of Astronomy, Rocketry, and Space Flight: Part Two 58
53. Solar System "Things in Common" 59
54. Solar System Adjectives 60
55. Solar System Search from Clues 61
56. Solar System "Same As" Vocabulary 62
57. How One Solar System Object or Event Is Not Like Another 63
58. Solar System Newspaper Headlines 64
59. Solar System Tripod Connections 65
60. Solar System Vocabulary Vowelless Puzzle 66
61. One Famous Early Scientist Writes to Another 67
62. Solar System Reverse Questions 68
63. Solar System Connections 69
64. One Famous Astronaut Writes to Another 70
65. A Solar System Spiral 71
66. Moon Expressions from Clues and Scrambles 72
67. The Solar System Wordsearch 73
68. Moon Data 74
Section 4 Universe Concepts, Puzzles, and Ideas to Stimulate and Enrich 75
69. Universe Study: The Early Days 77
70. Universe Adjectives 78
71. Universe Study Search from Clues 79
72. Universe Newspaper Headlines 80
73. Universe Tripod Connections 81
74. Deeper Universe Vocabulary with Missing Letters 82
75. Universe Speculation and Information 83
76. Universe and Solar System Expressions 84
77. Comets 85
78. Universe-Study Reverse Questions 86
79. Space-Study Expressions 87
80. Speedy Universe-Knowledge Puzzles 88
81. The Universe Wordsearch 89
Section 5 Chemistry: Fundamental Skill Builders 91
82. Chemistry Vocabulary 93
83. Basic Chemical Processes and Substance Expressions from Clues and Scrambles 94
84. What's the Matter, Atom? 95
85. Chemical Elements and Symbols 96
86. Matter and Atom "Not the Same As" Vocabulary 97
87. Grouping Chemistry Expressions 98
88. Chemical Expressions 99
89. The A "Maze"ing Atom 100
90. Quick, Learn the Chemical Element 101
91. The Chemical Symbol Wordsearch 102
Section 6 Physical Science Concepts for the Modern Classroom 103
92. Physical States of Matter 105
93. Standardization of Power 106
94. Double-Sided Antonyms for Relative Conditions of Matter 107
95. Five Processes that Change the State of Matter 108
96. A Physical Properties Puzzler 109
97. What Do You Know About Energy? 110
98. Particle Theory of Matter 111
99. Matter: Eliminating the Negative and Explaining "Why" 112
100. Physical Science Newspaper Headlines 113
101. Physical Science Newspaper Headlines: Part Two 114
102. "Heated" Vocabulary 115
103. Turn Up the Heat 116
104. Powerful Forces 117
105. The Difference Between Mass, Volume, and Weight 118
106. The Mechanical Advantage of a Lever 119
107. What Does That Tool Do? 120
108. Sound "Not the Same As" Vocabulary 121
109. It Sounds to Be True 122
110. Light "Not the Same As" Vocabulary 123
111. Physical Science Vocabulary Vowelless Puzzle 124
112. How One Thing Is Like Another in Physical Science 125
113. Physical Science Tripod Connections 126
114. Physical Science Problem-Solving with Brainstorming 127
115. Unusual Physical Science (Physics) Problems 128
116. Physical Science Search from Clues 129
117. Physical Science Words and Expressions 130
118. Double-Sided Physical Science Synonyms 131
119. A Properties of Matter Puzzler 132
120. Energy, Work, and Power 133
121. Mr. Newton and His Laws of Motion 134
122. Friction Grids 135
Section 7 Hooked on Life Science Techniques, Ideas, and Concepts 137
123. A Cell Puzzler 139
124. Match the Cells 140
125. Animal and Plant Cell Differences and Similarities 141
126. Unscramble the Living Matter Words 142
127. What Is It? Knowing Reproductive Processes from Clues 143
128. Grouping Life Science Vocabulary 144
129. Life Science Vocabulary Relationships 145
130. Find the Endocrine System Pairs 146
131. Speedy Cell-Knowledge Puzzles 147
132. Life Science from Definitions and Context 148
133. Watch Out for Food Poisoning 149
134. Basic Plant Expressions from Clues and Scrambles 150
135. Microorganism Expressions from Clues and Scrambles 151
136. The Microorganism and Food Spiral 152
137. Life Science Controversies 153
138. Life Science Controversies: Part Two 154
139. Nervous System and Endocrine "Not the Same As" Vocabulary 155
140. Life Organisms: Eliminating the Negative and Explaining "Why" 156
141. Life Sciences Speculation and Information 157
142. Life Sciences Speculation and Information: Part Two 158
143. All About the Biosphere/Biome 159
144. The Biome, or Life Zone 160
145. The Biome, or Life Zone: Part Two 161
146. Life Science Vocabulary Vowelless Puzzle 162
147. Life Science's Odd One Out 163
148. Plant World Tripod Connections 164
149. Adaptation of Colorization and Shape 165
150. Life Science Search from Clues 166
151. How One Life Form Is Like Another 167
152. How One Life Form Is Like Another: Part Two 168
153. How One Life Form Is Not Like Another 169
154. How One Life Form Is Not Like Another: Part Two 170
155. A Resources Puzzle 171
Section 8 Water and Erosion Facts and Insights 173
156. How to Find Gold and Become Rich 175
157. A Hydrosphere Puzzle 176
158. All About Erosion 177
159. Double-Sided Erosion Synonyms 178
160. A Two-Space Water Puzzle 179
161. Liquid "Not the Same As" Vocabulary 180
162. Hydrology Vocabulary 181
163. Erosion: Eliminating the Negative and Explaining "Why" 182
164. Let's Tackle the Hydrosphere 183
165. A Water-Properties Spiral 184
166. "Sea" the Ocean 185
167. Erosion Adjectives 186
168. The Erosion Wordsearch 187
Section 9 Understanding the Processes and Cycles of Weather and Climate 189
169. Weather Expressions with Missing Letters 191
170. Grouping Climate Vocabulary 192
171. Science/English Crossover Weather Grid 193
172. How One Weather Item Is Not Like Another 194
173. How One Weather Item Is Like Another 195
174. Weather Speculation and Information 196
175. Design a Storm 197
176. Watch Out for Hail Damage 198
177. Weather Vocabulary 199
178. Which Weather Pattern Is It? 200
179. Weather Tripod Connections 201
180. Climate/Weather Reverse Questions 202
181. Climate/Weather Expressions 203
182. It's Windy 204
183. Atmosphere: Eliminating the Negative and Explaining "Why" 205
184. What's the Weather Like Outside? 206
185. Facts About Tornadoes 207
186. Stormy Hurricane Clues 208
187. Weather Conditions 209
188. Atmosphere Expressions 210
189. The Solstice and Equinox 211
190. The Weather Terms Wordsearch 212
Answer Key 213
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