1960s: The Satellite Age

1960s: The Satellite Age

by Steve Parker

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The Cold War, satellites, Beatlemania and the ensuing British Music invasion, Vietnam, The Green Revolution and Pop-Art along with other cultural and social issues are revealed along with the role the media played in presenting these issues of the 1960s to the public. The "20th Century Media" series dramatically portrays the media explosion with easy-to-read text and color photographs from the period. The layout of the book is reader-friendly and its larger size permits fascinating-facts in a non-threatening format. In the 1960s, television was the most popular way of disseminating information to the public. This giant-leap made the 60s a fast-changing decade that brought the Apollo moon landing and the Viet Nam war into the living rooms of many homes. Satellites like Telstar allowed people around the world to receive instant information and changed forever the world as it had been. The 60s was a decade of high-tech achievements that are still evolving today. Readers will enjoy this fascinating look at how one decade and its media revolutions and evolutions changed the world. Endnotes include a time-line listing world events, headlines, media events, technology and the arts. A very useful glossary is included along with book resources for further reading and Web sites to visit. This is a useful resource for middle school and intermediate level classrooms and libraries. 2002, Gareth Stevens Publishing,
— Sue Reichard

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Twentieth Century Media Series
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