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1962 British Hit Parade: The B-Sides, Pt. 3

1962 British Hit Parade: The B-Sides, Pt. 3

Acrobat's British Hit Parade 1962: The B-Sides, Vol. 3 series spotlights the flipside of hit singles from a specific year by the original artists. This volume samples 94 tracks from 1962, including "Since I Lost You" (Cliff Richard), "Jazz Theme from Dr. Kildare" (


Acrobat's British Hit Parade 1962: The B-Sides, Vol. 3 series spotlights the flipside of hit singles from a specific year by the original artists. This volume samples 94 tracks from 1962, including "Since I Lost You" (Cliff Richard), "Jazz Theme from Dr. Kildare" (Stan Getz), "I've Cried Before" (the Four Seasons), and "Knocking on Wood" (Adam Faith), in addition to tracks by Del Shannon, Tommy Roe, and Tony Hatch & His Orchestra.

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Disc 1

  1. He is the Boy
  2. Since I Lost You
  3. Save Your Kisses
  4. I'm Gonna Move On
  5. How's My Ex Treating You
  6. Galloping Guitars
  7. Don't Wanna Go
  8. Careless Love
  9. Heart In Hand
  10. Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie
  11. The Other Side of the Town
  12. Happy That's Me
  13. Yes You Did
  14. Bristol Express
  15. Some People
  16. Nobody's Perfect
  17. My Mother's Eyes
  18. The Good Times
  19. April Fool's Day
  20. Remember Me, Huh?
  21. Acker's Lacquer
  22. Madeleine
  23. Just For Gerry
  24. You're the One
  25. Please Come Back To Me

Disc 2

  1. I've Cried Before
  2. What'll I Do
  3. A True, True Love
  4. Cocktails For Two
  5. Cyril's Tune
  6. Ginny In the Mirror
  7. Come a Little Closer
  8. P.S. I Love You
  9. Why Don't You Change Your Ways
  10. You Can Do It If You Try
  11. Please Don't Take My Heart
  12. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
  13. Cry My Heart Out
  14. Someone's Pinched My Winkles
  15. Don't Ask Me To Be Friends
  16. Running Around
  17. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
  18. All I Do is Dream of You
  19. Miss Madison
  20. The Blacksmith Blues
  21. Popeye (The Hitch-Hiker)
  22. Home is Where the Heart Is
  23. I Got Lucky

Disc 3

  1. A Whistling Tune
  2. Stretchin' Out
  3. Jazz Theme From Dr. Kildare
  4. Walk a Lonely Mile
  5. By the Way
  6. Redskins
  7. Please Pass the Biscuits
  8. Leah
  9. All Things Bright and Beautiful
  10. Amore Baciami
  11. Welcome Home, Mr. Blues
  12. Think of Her
  13. Jump Over
  14. I Love You Eddie
  15. I Belong To You
  16. Stardust Bossa Nova
  17. Pride Goes Before a Fall
  18. It Happened Last Night
  19. Where Do You Come From?
  20. Starlight Starbright
  21. Papa Noël
  22. Why Can't He Be You?
  23. Alone Again
  24. You Know How

Disc 4

  1. Jump On Your Broomstick
  2. Piddle De Pat
  3. All Day
  4. That Kinda Talk
  5. Knocking On Wood
  6. You Are My Sunshine
  7. The Johnson Boys
  8. Sam's Song
  9. One Man Band
  10. Who's Next In Line
  11. Song of the Promised Land
  12. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
  13. Pretty Little Baby
  14. When You Ask About Love
  15. Don't Phone Me I'll Phone You
  16. Twistin' To the Blues
  17. Mashy
  18. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  19. The Conservative
  20. Loneliness
  21. Got 'N' Idea
  22. Where Do I Go?
  23. Another Night With the Boys

Album Credits

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Hank Locklin   Composer
Jerry Goldsmith   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Neil Sedaka   Composer
Pat Boone   Composer
Joe Brown   Composer
Hoagy Carmichael   Composer
Bobby Darin   Composer
Duane Eddy   Composer
Carole King   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Tommy Roe   Composer
Del Shannon   Composer
Acker Bilk   Composer
Pete Rugolo   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Mort Shuman   Composer
Joe Meek   Composer
Sonny Curtis   Composer
Dee Ervin   Composer
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Lee Hazlewood   Composer
Joe Lutcher   Composer
Hank Marvin   Composer
Van McCoy   Composer
Norrie Paramor   Composer
Bob Crewe   Composer
Rolf Harris   Composer
Leon Payne   Composer
Phil Spector   Composer
Harry Simeone   Composer
Ron Grainer   Composer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Nacio Herb Brown   Composer
Jerry Allison   Composer
Paul Campbell   Composer
Hank Cochran   Composer
Hal David   Composer
Jackie DeShannon   Composer
Arthur Freed   Composer
Bob Gaudio   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Howard Greenfield   Composer
Tony Hatch   Composer
Ken Jones   Composer
Kenny Lynch   Composer
Kal Mann   Composer
Norman Newell   Composer
Clyde Otis   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Doc Pomus   Composer
Harry Robinson   Composer
Carlo Rossi   Composer
Sharon Sheeley   Composer
Frank Slay   Composer
Peter Udell   Composer
Joe Villa   Composer
Ben Weisman   Composer
Bruce Welch   Composer
Hank Williams   Composer
Bo Winberg   Composer
Hal Winn   Composer
Fred Wise   Composer
Ron Miller   Composer
Billy Page   Composer
Jackie Rae   Composer
Gene Sullivan   Composer
Jack Elliott   Composer
John Franz   Composer
Jack Holmes   Composer
Charles Blackwell   Composer
Arthur Johnston   Composer
DuBose Heyward   Composer
Gary Geld   Composer
Sam Coslow   Composer
L. Wolfe Gilbert   Composer
Vic McAlpin   Composer
Paddy Roberts   Composer
Don Stirling   Composer
Von Tilzer   Composer
Ruth Batchelor   Composer
Abel Baer   Composer
Bryan Blackburn   Composer
Mike Daughtry   Composer
Bob Davie   Composer
Robert Duke   Composer
Dee Fuller   Composer
Leonard Whitcup   Composer
Jim Lee   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Mitch Murray   Composer
Ronnie Carroll   Composer
Dorothy Heyward   Composer
Bob Roberts   Composer
Hank Hunter   Composer
Lee Porter   Composer
John Junkin   Composer
Charles R. Phipps   Composer
Mike Hawker   Composer
Myles Rudge   Composer
John Turner   Composer
Lew Quadling   Composer
Basil Tait   Composer
Ricky Shaw   Composer
Edwin Bruce   Composer
Jack Woodman   Composer
Paul Watts   Liner Notes
Ted Dicks   Composer
George Weiss   Composer
Bill Nauman   Composer
Jessel   Composer
Earl Wilson   Composer
Botkin   Composer
Sherman Edwards   Composer
Trevor Stanford   Composer
Vandyke   Composer
David Appel   Composer
Cecil Alexander   Composer
Mark Anthony   Composer
Richard Dix   Composer
Melinda Sandell   Artwork
Geoffrey Parsons   Composer
Ernest Maresca   Composer
Mick Eyre   Composer
Jerry Wilcock   Composer
Gian Carlo Testoni   Composer
Dolly McKervy   Composer
Ned Segman   Composer
Will Monk   Composer
Gail Saraceno   Composer
Anthony Lilly   Composer
Ira Lichterman   Composer
Joyce Winters   Composer
Richard Rowe   Composer
Paul Salez   Composer

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