1984 (en español)

1984 (en español)

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by George Orwell

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1984 es una de las novelas más inquietantes y atractivas del siglo XX.See more details below


1984 es una de las novelas más inquietantes y atractivas del siglo XX.

Editorial Reviews

Mark Schorer
It is probable that no other work of this generation has made us desire freedom more earnestly or loathe tyranny with such fullness. 1984, the most contemporary novel of the year and who knows of now many past and to come, is a great examination into and dramatization of Lord Acton's famous apothegm, " power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrups absolutely. "
Books of the Century; New York Times review, June 1949

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Anthony Burgess
1984 is a fantasy about disaffected journalists, novelists, poets, professors, and schoolmasters imposing an idealistic philosophy on the countries of the West — amalgamated into the superpower Oceania — which is no more than a notion of the nature of reality forged in an Oxford or Cambridge common room.
V. S. Pritchett
The most solid, the most brilliant thing George Orwell has done.
Alfred Kazin
1984 has been an extraordinary experience for me. It is...overwhelming in its keenness and prophetic power. I hardly know which to praise more -- Orwell's insight into the fate of man and its totalitarianism or his compassion for him.

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